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The Library of Ephesus in the background

The local mosque woke me a couple of times in the early morning but I resisted the temptation to pray towards mecca and instead stuffed my head back under my pillow.  The urge to rise out of bed came at about 9:00am and Michelle joined me for a light jog around town.  It helped us get our bearings and also gave us some idea of how close all the attractions of the city are to the guesthouse we are staying in.  The church of St John and the castle are literally just around the corner and the temple of Artemis (or what is left of it) is at the bottom of the hill, barely 100m away.

Breakfast was inclusive (50TLR) and the menu quite diverse.

Need some better reading material ..
I opted for a Turkish breakfast (boiled egg, chesse, tomato, orange, olives and bread) and Michelle went for a fruit salad, yogurt and honey.  All very good.

After breakfast, Michael (the guesthouse driver) drove us the 3km out to Efes and we spent the next three hours wandering the ruins.   We purchased an audio guide for the tour and while it did get a little boring at times, it gave a pretty good insight into the history of the site.  Those parts of the site which have received significant archeological attention and been well restored (such as the library of Ephesus and the Great Theatre) are spectacular.  However the site is vast, the damage caused by the impact of Christianity considerable and the archaeological effort slow – so the function of a number of the buildings and areas are barely discernable and others are still simply scattered ruins.

How awesome is the Ephesus library?
  If and when they complete the archeological effort, the site will be far more impressive.  Today, the public are kept away from a number of areas undergoing restoration.  When Ephesus was at its peak (whenever that might have been over the 1000 years or so it was built and re-built) it must have been an amazing site.

When we exited the site, it was 1:50pm, 20 minutes after we’d arranged to meet the driver – so we simply walked the 3km’s back to town.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the long straight road back to town was bounded by a tree-lined walkway, quite a pleasant way to build an appetite for lunch. 

We ducked into a place professing to be an Anatolian Restaurant for lunch.

.. and this isn't taken from the top of the Great theatre, it goes back at least another 20 rows!
  We were the only patrons but they were happy to host us.  We each ordered a kebab and a salad to share.  I obviously failed to make myself understood when I was ordering my though, as I was bought a Turkish Coffee.  Nevermind.   The kebabs were nothing like back home, meats served on a plate, with some rice and salad.  Not what we expected but delicious nonetheless.  Coffee was bloody strong though.  We returned from lunch intending to plan a short afternoon activity of some description but once Mish and I sat in the downstairs lounge at the guesthouse, she had nodded off and I’d lost all motivation to head out.  The slow pace of the holiday was agreeing with both of us and we didn’t feel the least bit guilty about not cramming anything further into the day.  In fact, all we could manage was dinner at the guesthouse – a Turkish spin on Mousaka – and a few more local beers.

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The Library of Ephesus in the back…
The Library of Ephesus in the bac…
Need some better reading material …
Need some better reading material…
How awesome is the Ephesus library?
How awesome is the Ephesus library?
.. and this isnt taken from the t…
.. and this isn't taken from the …
The tree lined boulevard from Selc…
The tree lined boulevard from Sel…
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