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Taxes. I really do. Especially travel tax. Why, after paying a fortune (well, not really) for our plane tickets, which included taxes, do us Filipinos have to pay for a travel tax before leaving the country? Such a pain in the ass.

So, after an agonizing trip to the airport, I made it on time. At that moment, I felt like nothing could touch me, not even the Decepticons. I was invincible. Missed my bus, but still made my flight. I gloated for hours. Heck, I'm still gloating. I'm so awesome!

Anyway, my friend Ron was there waiting for his turn to check in, so in the meantime, I went to pay my travel tax. Did I mention that I hate travel tax? Yeah, think I did. I hate it more than I hate ketchup, and that's saying a lot! I still paid for it, nevertheless. Everything I could do to help my poor country, I would.

After that, I ignored the queue for the check-in counter and went straight to where Ron was. I looked back and gave the other passengers my very charming smile, and they all melted and forgot their own names and shiz. I'm a bad ass. Then, I proceeded to charm the check-in personnel as well, but I forgot why I did so. There must have been a compelling reason.

Then, not wanting to use up all my charms in case I'd need it again, I went to face my biggest threat - the immigration officer. The bi-atch had the nerve to ask me for my company name and ID. Thank buddha I still had it with me, so she didn't know I was technically jobless. She wouldn't have let me pass through had she known about it. Or maybe she did know, but my charm melted her resolve. See, evil people never win... except me, of course.

See you in Singapore, people!

JeAr says:
hahaha! our hard-earned money should be ours alone! :D
Posted on: May 20, 2009
najiah10 says:
hahahahaha i hate taxes too!!!
Posted on: May 20, 2009
JeAr says:
omb tb god david! u agree! i feel honored hihihi :D
Posted on: May 20, 2009
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