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for our last day in little corn island we went out on a dive trip. we had met a guy on the beach the day before and he offered to take us out with a group that he was leading. so in the morning we met him on the beach, hopped onto his boat with about 6 other people and headed out. it was an amazing day. we swam with sharks, sting rays, and hundreds of different kinds of fish of all colors. it was so beautiful, other than i got a little sea sick and pucked off the side of the boat... but that didn't slow me down at all. 

after we were done diving we cleaned up a little before heading to the dock to go back to big corn island and catch the last flight out until monday since sun was easter. as we are walking to the dock we realize that the last boat was leaving and we are not on it.

getting ready to head out to sea.
this means that we are not going to be able to get to our flight or back to managua until monday... and on monday i fly back to the states early in the morning. so we ran and screamed at the boat as it was pulling away but they did not turn around. once we got to the dock there was a man sitting there that informed us that they were full so they just left. we where now in a panic. our flight was in 2 hours and it takes at least 45 minutes to get back to big corn. so the 3 of us split up and ran up and down the waterfront to see if we could find someone to get us back. jenny's boyfriend, juan carlos, found a guy with a small boat willing to take us to the big island... but for a fee of 70 USD. that is huge here. we paid about 10 USD a night at our hotel and i think the 3 days we were here i spent less that 50 USD total. however he knew we were in trouble and used that to his advantage, smart man! so the three of us pulled together all the money we had left and paid the man. he got us to the main island just in time to make it to our flight. it was a bit more of a rough ride because his boat was so small but we made it and were able to get back to managua, but cutting it VERY close!

sabzero says:
have u also been to that tower on little corn?
Posted on: Aug 03, 2009
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getting ready to head out to sea.
getting ready to head out to sea.
cleaning up in the outside showers…
cleaning up in the outside shower…
Little Corn Island
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