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Somehow, there are almost always two things trying their best to keep me from getting to my destination: Fate and stupidity. This time it was both forcing me almost to spend the weekend in Karlsruhe which I'm starting to be fed up with.
As I never, really never manage to pack my luggage the day before, I planned to leave work quite early that day to have not to hurry later on (and maybe to forget something essential). And this time, I also had bought the tickets weeks in advance :-) But as it comes, again I discovered a great mess at the office in a moment which couldn't be worse: It was already 2 pm (I wanted to leave the office an hour later), neither my colleauge nor my boss were in place and the case was damn urgent. With lots of phoning and delegating I finally managed to have the matter clarified, but unfortunately I was already an hour too late. So as a result my way home was a daredevil bike tour through the city ignoring any signs and red lights (I was really lucky there was no police all the way, puuh!). I arrived at home after half the usual time completely in sweat so first there was a shower due.  Hurrying and fussying I somehow managed at the end to be ready on time - there were even some minutes left which I decided to spend on checking some last info on the internet. And now comes the stupidity-part: I mixed up the time when I had to leave for the tram. So it comes that I missed the one I planned to take and so had only 1 minute to get into the station and to my train. Well, I ran like hell with the heavy bag (it must have looked extremely funny) and jumped last-second into the TGV with the doors closing just behind me.

I don't know what I would have done if I'd missed it...

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photo by: Ann_Hells