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Getting stuck with security!
I seem to have a lot of calamities on my vacations but the layover in China was the one where I was a bit scared. I swear i am getting smarted as I am traveling more.. We didn't know (as we booked our flights and everything on line) that we needed a Visa for China. We thought everything was gravy because we were just a layover. Imagine our surprise when we get up to the desk and they ask for a Visa and we have blank expressions on our faces.

We are walked over to room and made to stand outside it. We are now the only people left in the terminal. The workers take our ID's, Passports and tickets and walk away. Now we're not even sure if they are going to come back with any of that. We didn't speak their language and they weren't that thrilled with us.
Us girls trying to make the best of a long wait.
Now whats 3 girls to do stuck in an airport terminal in China??

We started singing. The theme song to Gilliagans Island of course. Next it was the backstreet boys cause if you ever seen the video and they are in an airport hanger doing this dance, thats what we were trying to do. so funny!

Next we start taking pictures. Cause if we are stuck in a terminal in China we want to have memories of it. That brings a swarm of security over. Apparently thats also a no-no. Whoops.

Finally a man comes over and gives us back all our info and then escorts us upstairs to our terminal. Where there is one duty free story. one restaurant and one area to smoke.. for our layover of 8 hours. SigH!!
The best part... we had to do the exact same thing on our return flight home!!!
coy_joshi says:
About a month back i too was stranded at the bangkok terminal.I was not permitted visa on arrival.Spent about 8 hours in the terminal , shopped for souvenir , had some Thai food, checked in the hotel at the terminal itself freshened up and was back to the very next flight.What a trip /experience.I guess we share the same feeling ..we been through it ;)
Posted on: Feb 09, 2009
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Getting stuck with security!
Getting stuck with security!
Us girls trying to make the best o…
Us girls trying to make the best …
Our plane!!
Our plane!!
photo by: westwind57