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In front of the NEC building
I was super excited to visit Tokyo and see the sites. Upon arrival I noticed the design of the metro system was somewhat nonsensical. Well, to me at least. After running 3 days late, I was also running late on time. I had intended to meet up with Izumi, whom I was introduced to by my friend Jen, and must have made her wait at least a good half-hour. So after apologizing, I cleaned up a bit, and we were off! I have to say, Izumi's guidance made my stay in Tokyo. I had pretty bad luck in the city, but she went way out of her way to look out for me and cover the boneheaded things I did. We went to Tokyo Tower, cruised through Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, and a few other places.
We ate some great food, some okay food, stopped by some stores, and even got propositioned by a South African(which Izumi promptly told off before I even figured out he wasn't asking for directions)! I saw a lot of sights and had a fantastic time. Before I missed my flight anyways. As I mentioned before, I didn't really "get" Tokyo's transportation system. Especially the fact that Tokyo International Airport isn't actually IN Tokyo. By my calculations, it's not even near it. I can guestimate this by the fact that once I got to the train terminal, it took over an hour to get to the Airport terminal! I made it to my flght on time, but not as early as was required to board. Apparantly the time on the ticket is only for when the plane leaves, and nothing to do with when I need to check in. Common sense for some, not so much for myself.
I'm still betting I could have run and made it with plenty of time, but whatever. The airline was kind enough to offer me another ticket. But a day later and only to the same place my previous ticket was scheduled for. Which was to D.C. Meaning, that I'd also miss my flight from D.C. back to Pittsburgh where my truck was parked. The cost of a replacement ticket through US Air? 1000 USD. For those who don't know, Dulles to PIT is maybe a 2.5 hour drive. So after calling around for ideas, a friend offered to pick me up and ferry me over. Again, I learn another travel lesson at a friends expense. When I'm rich, I promise to return said favors with expensive, shiney objects. Or maybe an autograph, as both will be of equal value. Nothing can be done at this point, so I grabbed the nearest hotel and waited for my bus.
smuffygt says:
You mean how early should you get to the airport? Well if you're flying from Narita, keep in mind that it's actually an hour away from Tokyo! Also, I recommend trying to get to the airline check in at least 2 hours early. :)
Posted on: Jun 19, 2009
lululalu says:
oh noes you missed your flight! im going there next week and how many hours do you suggest to leave tokyo on my return?
Posted on: Jun 16, 2009
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In front of the NEC building
In front of the NEC building
Tokyo Tower!
Tokyo Tower!
A timeline of world events inside …
A timeline of world events inside…
Tokyo cityscape
Tokyo cityscape
View through the floor of the firs…
View through the floor of the fir…
Izumi looking down.
Izumi looking down.
Me kneeling so Izumi could take th…
Me kneeling so Izumi could take t…
Great grammar
Great grammar
Crack in the window? Or ice format…
Crack in the window? Or ice forma…
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