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Smallest. Room. Ever. But clean and cheap!
Since I got there so late, I missed the Hanami meet, and everyone in Osaka. Straight off the plane I couldn't find my baggage tags! Why were they buried? Because I almost missed the Tokyo to Osaka flight when security was worried that my deoderant might be flammable, and me being myself, crammed a lot back in so that I could run all the way back to the gate. My phone didn't want to work unless it was feeding off of wi-fi next to an atm, so security was giving me looks while I frantically tried to pull all my plans off of it before the battery died....but guess what? It wouldn't bring anything up without the internet, which it wasn't letting me connect to. So after phoning a friend, and looking around for 20 min to find the information booth, I got directions to my hotel.
Fantastic view eh? I literally only took 2 pictures of Osaka :(
Which was a mono rail, a change over and a few blocks away. So I start carrying my overstuffed bags around Esaka until my phone started to work and I was able to bring up my map....which was in kanji. So I asked for directions again after I realized I wasn't going in the right direction and was shown the way. Which was also my first time realizing I can ask for directions in Japanese, but it's 25/75 that I actually understand them. lol. Soaked in sweat and enjoying the blisters forming on my hands, I finally reached my destination! After checking in I went to my room to discover I wasn't renting a room but a closet! So small in fact, that the bed is on a track that descends from the ceiling to save space(which I got a pretty big kick out of). If it all sounds like a bunch of bellyaching, well you're right. It really wasn't that bad, I just didn't plan well enough and I listened to my phone company's advice. Which just so happens, takes about half a day to kick in. And when it does, you get an off text saying "Welcome to Japan". Which would be neat any other time. Still, I was excited to be taking a trip I've wanted to take for the better part of a decade! So after a nice shower in my way cleaner than I expected bathroom, I headed out for a walk. Walked around for a bit, tried to get my bearings, then decided to call it a night.After all, I had to find my way to the station and figure out how to get to Nagoya in the morning!
smuffygt says:
You might be able to get help in English if you speak slowly, but I wouldn't depend on it. The average person on the street doesn't know much, and even if they do know a bit, they get scared of using it. lol

Most signs and information have English versions though, so if you give yourself time, you can get around just fine :)
Posted on: Sep 29, 2010
vivien_huang says:
are they speak english? i'm afraid i have trouble with the language..=p
Posted on: Sep 29, 2010
smuffygt says:
You should, Christine! The people here are amazing! Everyone is incredibly kind.
Posted on: Sep 29, 2010
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Smallest. Room. Ever. But clean an…
Smallest. Room. Ever. But clean a…
Fantastic view eh? I literally onl…
Fantastic view eh? I literally on…
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