I am so exciting...i have waited this day for 10 years.

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10 years to colloect the Nepal information, 10 years to look for the right person with me for this trip...when the day come, i confuse myself and i dont know which place i want to go first.

 I dont know anybody have  been felt likes me or not, there are a lot of thing running in my head. I am exciting , at the same time it's seem a big pressure to me because JC knw  Nepal is my deam destination. He let me lead this trip and follow my heart...Yeah..there are a lot of dream pix in my head but i dont know how i can put it out and manage as the trip as i want. I dont know where i would like to go in Nepal!! What's happen with meee   :) ....Poor Aioh!!! i have 11days for spending in Nepal, it's enough. I have my right person for this trip and i have the ticket in my hand.

She is thai girl who will travel alone in Nepal!!! Buhuhuhuhu..
So, what am i waiting!! It's time me to move my ass and flight to Kathmandu today!! Here we go!!!

I will take only 4 hrs for my flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu. On the other hand, JC will take 20 hrs flighing from Bacelona to Kathmandu...Aowww..what's a pity JC's ass!! hehehe.. We appoint to meet each other at Kathmandu airport. And and today is the Chrismas Day!So, i think i should make some surprise. Tik tok tik tok...what can i do at the airport for th surprise on Chrismas Day!!!

...I might watch a lot of love story movie. I make a big Board and write a colorful "Merry chrismas and ==> I am here "from Bangkok. I did not sleep whole night because of drawing the plant.

My flight...
 I purpose to hold the board when JC leave from Kathmandu Airport as same as the actress waiting someone in NY airport!! Hahaha..It's so drama!!

Wake up myself an turn to be real mode.

Today i am a good daughter, i go to the mall and have lunch with mum before i leave to the airport. I take the public van to the airport. It's cost only 20 baht. Woo hoo...It's a bright day. I start my trip with a cheap cheap cheap....but when i arrive the airport and check in my back. The Thai airway dont allow me to checkin because i have the problem about my ticket. They ask me to buy the new ticket and the money will refund late! I am so angry but i have not much choice..#$%&*

It's because of today is the Chrismas Day or whatever, there are a lot empty seat in this flight.

Triphomwan Airport. Cute airport
However, i am still moody and i dont understand thai-airway anymore. So, i drink many glass of Gin-Tinic and sleep well...

Pilot anounce "Took nuuuk took nuuk..Dear passenger, we will landing at Kathmandu Airport in 10 minute!"  I wake up suddenly!!! 

I see Kathmandu City from the plant, Omg! What is a brown city...there are not the high building as i know. i am so exciting to step on the city..FIVE  FOUR THREE TWO ONE>>>>> Welcome to Triphomwan Airport.....

The airport is too small and too old but it's not the matter. I dont apply the VISA from BKK, but it's very easy to apply the arrival VISA at the airport. I spend 25US$ and the immegration dont ask anything, moreover they are very friendly. So, Please dont worry if you dont apply VISA from your hometown.

Arrivals...yeahh...i arrive :)
You can get the arrival VISA at Triphomwan airport without problem. You have to provide only 2 inche of photo and 25US$ is enough.

Hahaha..Now it's my drama time, JC will arrive the airport later than me 30 minute. I am very exciting because i has provided the Merry Chrismas Welcome is not the movie, i notice. JC's flight is delay about 30 minutes and the weather in Kathmandu is very cold!! I cannot patient to hold the big board when JC leave the airport. I take a sit with exhuast and my hand is holding the board. What's a pity!! It's not so drama as i expect!!! hahahaha....Whatever, i am happy to meet my maid..and it's time us to hit Kathmanduuuu...

PS: In the travel book and website, they advice the taxi fee from airport to Thamel is around 200 rupee, in reality i do alot of negotiate and my best offer is only 350 rupee!'s ok, i cannot wait to see my Thamel..hehehehe.. 


tasha_83 says:
I could be made here.. hehe, mommy Aioh was drunk! Romantic Christmas Night.. hmm hmm
Posted on: Apr 27, 2010
newtampo says:
Haha great for the negotiation! Anyway, glad you like it too! :)
Posted on: Apr 23, 2010
ratu says:
Gin-Tonic? You drunk!
ha ha ha
Posted on: Mar 17, 2010
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She is thai girl who will travel a…
She is thai girl who will travel …
My flight...
My flight...
Triphomwan Airport. Cute airport
Triphomwan Airport. Cute airport
Arrivals...yeahh...i arrive :)
Arrivals...yeahh...i arrive :)