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Greetings Family & Friends,
These last few days at KPS are going to be difficult ones. I leave on Tuesday and I have already starting crying. It will be so hard to leave all of these wonderful children and teachers. They have impacted me in a way that I can't even begin to put into words. Their love and laughter will remain in my heart forever.
The visit to Reegan's village (one of my two favorite boys here) last Sunday was amazing!! Everyone opened their doors and their hearts to me. They were all trying to feed me and simply enjoyed talking with me. I told Reegan's mom if she doesn't see him next weekend, then she will know that I have taken him home with me. :-) Reegan and I walked through his village, went to the ocean, and explored a nearby fort. It was nice to explore a local village with one of my favorite students. He said he will miss me when I leave because he has never met a teacher who also plays with the kids after school. He said that was a very unique thing for him to experience. Since Reegan does not have much money, I gave him 15-20 pre-stamped, self-addressed envelopes as a going away present so that he could write me. I look forward to receiving his letters when I return to the US
There is another boy who I will miss immensely, EdBrock. He has been such a joy to teach and play with after school. I sit with him on the bus ride after school everyday and we talk about all sorts of things. Yesterday, as I sat with my arm around him, he told me that he will miss me when I leave Tuesday because he has never had a teacher and a friend like me before. It made me cry!!  I think I am going to ask his parents if they would consider having EdBrock come to the US as an exchange student next year. I would love to have him attend my high school and stay with a local Castro Valley family and me sometimes. This is the same boy who found out how much I like Indian jack fruit and then proceeded to bring me some the very next day. Both EdBrock and Reegan are the two boys who will be reading for me in chapel on my last day here.
I look forward to exploring northern India, but thinking about leaving KPS is very difficult. The headmistress, my Indian amma (mother) has been spoiling me the past few days. She made me a special tapioca treat last night and my favorite potato and onion dinner a few nights ago. She is cooking a special meal again for me tonight as well. I have enjoyed Mrs. Kingston's singing in the morning too....I hear her singing in the kitchen from my upstairs window next door. She is truly an amazing woman...teacher, mother, friend, counselor, etc. The other day I broke down crying in class because I missed home and she consoled me in her office. The students were cute as well. They were saying things like, "don't worry, be happy", "don't worry, you will see your mommy soon", "Jesus does everything for a reason and at a certain time". They were so sweet, trying to comfort me and make me laugh, when all I needed was a hug. Unfortunately, that didn't happen because they are not at all affectionate here, which has been VERY frustrating.
Despite all the challenges I have faced...being in a different country, trying to speak so many different languages, and working through certain cultural differences, I have definitely had a once-in-a-lifetime experience here at Kanyakumari Public School. I will never forget these children, and I look forward to wherever God decides to send me next summer.
In God's Grace,
Kelly :-)
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photo by: Stevie_Wes