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OH MY GOD!!!!...Well, after a delayed plane ride from Bombay to Chennai due to a dog being on the runway and a 13 hour overnight train ride from Chennai to Kanyakumari, I am FINALLY here, and completely loving it!!!

The food is fantastic...rice and vegetables for lunch & dinner and amazing thai/chai tea in the am and for afternoon tea as well.  There is another girl (Hana) at the school with me and she is from Australia.  We have had some great chats and it is definitely nice to have someone to speak English with. My first shower, or should I say bath under a faucet, was quite humbling last night. I will definitely appreciate a nice long, hot shower when I get back to the states.

Amazingly the 200+ students know a lot of English and are quite engaging.  Most likely I will be teaching Biology and/or Math to Standard 6-10 (equivalent of 6th grade through 10th grade). They have 8 periods per day and it is kind of up to me as to how much I want to teach. I'll probably end up doing 3 periods so that I have some time to enjoy the younger ones too. I've enjoyed playing UNO every night from 8-9 with the 20-25 hostel kids that stay here-they were displaced due to the tsunami. We even got to watch an American horror movie last night on the one TV they have in the staff lounge.

The poverty and garbage here breaks my heart. It is hard to see so many poor people who literally have nothing, but the clothes on their back. The homeless people in America have it really good compared to some of these people. It's also hard to ignore the beggars too, but you have too or they will hound you and bring all of their friends. I'm also gaining a new perspective for what it is like to be a minority. I am constantly stared at, which I'm used to now. I simply wave and smile and most people smile/wave back.

Well, that's all for now. Hana and I got a ride from the school bus driver here and we have to walk back 3-4 miles to the school, so I must go pretty soon. I was hoping to write once a week, but the internet connection is pretty sketchy here. There are 3 cafes within 4-5 miles of us, but this was the only one open today. I couldn't access my hotmail account due to the bad connection, so that is why I'm writing to you from this work account.


Missing you all,

Kelly :-)
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photo by: Stevie_Wes