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I have arrived safely in Kisumu, which is in western Kenya near Lake Victoria. The secondary school I am volunteering at is about 45 minutes from Kisumu by car. So far this week I have been observing classes and other schools. The students here are absolute angels, similar to India and other countries outside the US. There are ~50 students in each class, but the respect is amazing!! I am excited to start teaching next week, probably a couple math and/or science classes.
While at Esalwa Secondary School, I am living at the school with another teacher from CVHS. We live together in very simple a mat on the floor with a mosquito net, a hole in the floor for a toilet, and rainwater collected outside for bathing and cooking/drinking once boiled...even less than India. All you really need for survival is food, water and love/affection, right?!?!
One funny thing happened this morning when I was observing a math class. Students in another room across the courtyard started screaming and running out of their classroom. Some were even jumping out of the windows. Soon we realized there was a snake in their classroom. :-) A boy beat it to death with a stick and eventually one of the male teachers took the dead snake away. It was so funny seeing all the students jumping out of the window to get away from the snake. (Hopefully it wasn't a green mamba) You definitely had to be there, but I wanted to share anyway. :-)
The internet here is very slow and I'm not sure when I will be back in Kisumu to access it. However, I will be flying to Mombasa on 7/27 to visit family of a CVHS teacher, so I might be able to have better access there. I'm excited to see the Kenyan coastline and to go snorkeling. Until then, keep me and my students in your prayers.
Kelly :-) 
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