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We drove for about 30 minutes, before we were dropped us off in the middle of nowhere and told us to start walking, as we were headed for a palace of some sort. We walked for ages in the scorching sun, went past a river that looked like it had dried over but when I tossed a stone in we realised it was in fact water but was just covered in a think layer of scum grossness. We got to a beach that had witness the clashing of the Athenians and the Spartans. It was a very pretty bay and loads of people took off their shoes and socks and went paddling. The teachers then decided that it was too far for us to walk up to the palace so we turned around and didn't bother!

Back on the coach we had a quick drive to Nestor's palace in the hillside. We saw Mrs Nestor's bath and explored the archaeological site, which was basically lots of thigh high trenches you could walk amongst. The newest discovery they had made there was a floor with coloured tiles which had still retained its colour! We then walked to a very ancient tholos tomb just down the road which is variously described as Nestor's and Clytemnestra's tomb. It was all covered in moss and grass by now, but it was still capable to walk inside. It was a dank and empty round space inside with a little light let in by the circular light well in the ceiling. 
sylviandavid says:
I need to go there.... thanks for the review & blog. sylvia
Posted on: Feb 15, 2011
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