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First stop was the monastery of St Lucas, or the Hosios Loukas. It was a breathtakingly beautiful place, the scenery was amazing, a lovely old building set on the side of a small mountain, overlooking vast olive groves. We were there early, just as the sun was rising, giving it an even more ethereal feeling. We were only there about an hour just ambling around, but it was magical. We went for a tour of the monastery built in 1000AD, which was set back 10 minutes by the fact that they still held ceremonies on sundays, and luckily for us one was taking place at that very moment! I watched in fascination as a priest emerged ululating and waving this incense thing at us (I believe I meant a censer!) Inside we were mainly distracted by the remains of a 1000 year old priest who had been mummified, the rest of the inside is now lost to the recesses on my memory. There is also, as I struggle to recall, a small museum about the monestery's history, and a little shop of the regular tat!

A few hairpin bends later we were dropped off in a random ski village (I am afraid I have no idea of the name of this place now, one day I might be able to find out from someone, somwhere!) and told to wander through it and look in the shops. All I recall now it that It was very steep downhill, and underestimating the village's size, we walked quickly right the way through the streets, only to sit at the other end for 30 minutes on a rickety stone overhang, looking out over yet more breathtaking scenes. I found the world's vilest toilet which I was forced to go in. It was in like this dumping area, there was water flowing down the actual walls and sewage outside. The actual toilet was a hole in the ground with 2 ceramic footholes, it was...different. I apologise this journal is so lavatorial, but this really was a defining moment in my discovery of different cultures, I assure you this is the last time I will mention them though!
sylviandavid says:
Missed this one but saw some in China.... you could locate them by the smell... LOL...
Posted on: Feb 15, 2011
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