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Back on the coach for another hour or so, we finally reached that day's destination, Delphi. As we drove past the ancient site I was immediately struck by how much smaller it was in real life than how I had imagined it in my lessons. We got to our hotel at about midday expecting to have a shower before lunch and then a sleep before the walk to the tholos, south of the ancient temple of Delphi. We discovered however that our rooms weren't ready and wouldn't be until 3 meaning we had to go - unwashed - to find lunch. We stopped in a lovely little nice restaurant which overlooked a brillant deep ravine (everything was so dramatic as I remember it now!), we had only wanted a snack so we ordered pizza (not very Greek I know, sorry). We asked how big they were and the woman told us tiny so we ordered two, but just as the teachers had warned the portions were HUGE. The pizzas were actually about 2 inches thick and covered with cheese; we ate one between the three of us! We kept the other pizza in a bag for a bit too thinking we might feel like it later but it smelled bad so we threw it later on. I also had the idea to say thank you in Greek, looking it up in my friend's phrase book. I said it to the guy and he looked so chuffed bless him, and was saying "you with school party? You come back later, we give you discount" bless him.

We then went back to the hotel early as we were too tired to do anything and we slept in the foyer with all our bags for an hour before we were finally allowed into our rooms, which, was tiny. We could barely move! We also had a very tasteful picture on our ceiling of a mythological scene made of stained glass, it did however turn out to be less tasteful when we discovered it was actually the main light in the room, and incredibly garish.

The walk that had been planned was now optional after the mess us with the room but I decided I wanted to experience everything and didn't want to pass up a chance to go and see the tholos. I am so glad I went along; it is very, very beautiful high up in the mountains. The tholos is immense and very impressive close up, surrounded by striking scenery.

That night we retired early, knowing we had to get up at 6 in the morning!
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photo by: danielrice20