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Me and my sister having in Kauai
  Well I forgot all about my blogging here which is why I liked this site in the first place. So over a month later I'm going to try my best to remember my trip. My memory only covers bits and pieces most of the time, hence the reason I wanted the journal. I'll try to piece together what I can right now and add in some more at a later date as I remember more of it.

  I got an offer from my sister who I hadn't seen for some time to meet her and her family in Hawaii. Of course I took them up on the offer, I only had to buy the ticket. They had a time share on the Island of Kauai for a week so I arrived on Thursday the 19th. Now they have 5 kids, so Kauai being from what I saw a much quieter Island, they for the most part stuck around the property there.
Leaving my mark on Hawaii and no those aren't my nails
I ventured out myself a few times to check out the scenery but I ended up spending most of my time with them since I plan on disappearing for quite some time here in the near future. I love coffee so I visited Kona Coffee twice while I was there.
Okay Kauai I didn't do too much while I was there, although it is beautiful county! I mostly just relaxed and drank some Mai Tai's on the beach. But I did catch a slight case of Island fever and decided to spend another week on Oahu. So I postponed my flight home and booked it over to a busier place. I spent a couple of days driving around different places and settling in for the first couple of days. Drove up and around the north shore and watched the surfers. Even caught the sunset on sunset beach. After that I check myself into the Beachside Hostel in Waikiki.
I decided for the small cup of coffee

  A couple of things I did that stand out in my memory. I hiked Diamond Head mountain with a Canadian and an Argintinian I had met at the hostel a few days after I had checked in. You know in a lot of parks how there's signs that say don't go over there? Yeah... we went over there anyway. I remember about 40 people there watching us go where we weren't supposed to and laughing because we got a much better veiw and better pictures. The next day the three of us plus a trio of guys from Paraguai went out snorkeling which was a first time for me. And of course the beach. I spent most nights sitting on the beach.

  So nearly a month after I had arrived I felt, since I don't surf and the beach I love but to visit, that everything left in Hawaii I could either do on another trip there later on or do somewhere else cheaper. I also had to make a trip back to Phoenix to attend to some business and get my dog.  So on april 13th I said ado and left paradise for the main land and a long road trip.
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Me and my sister having in Kauai
Me and my sister having in Kauai
Leaving my mark on Hawaii and no t…
Leaving my mark on Hawaii and no …
I decided for the small cup of cof…
I decided for the small cup of co…
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