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  It's only the journey that matters!

  My story rebegins back in October of 2008. Prior to that I had spent the last 11 years going from a door to door pest control salesman to three companies later deciding to go into business for myself. At the end of it all I was making a great living, had made all of my financial goals and pretty much all the things you work for in life. I found myself no longer working to offord the life I wanted and starting to make money just for the sake of making money. I discovered what I wasn't so sure that everything I wanted was really what I wanted. Myself at 27 years old was not ready to 'settle down' and start a family. I wasn't married and really I'm still not looking to be at this junction of my life. I found myself wanting to find something new. The only problem is I don't know what that is!
  Well, as of October I've sold my business, my cars, my house and everything inside that didn't fit into my explorer. Before I state any more I'd like to say I was extremely happy where I was. I loved the life I had. Theres many different places, lifestyles, cultures, etc.  and I'm a huge believer of there being many different paths one can travel and be just as satisfied. I wanted to find a new path.

  That is the past. It's part of who I am today, but yet I'm already different. So many changes in life can be a confusing situation! Even so it's a very exciting one! Now I'm setting off for a new adventure. Growing up I spent somewhere around 8 years traveling 24 of the states. Since I've seen a few more. Other then that I've visited Mexico several times and the only over seas traveling I've done is around a month in Australia.
  My plan is from here to finish off my country before I travel elsewhere. Generally my thought is if I don't find what it is I'm looking for here then I'm off to Europe to see whats there and keep going until it just fits. I'm just going to jump in my car and go. I'll sleep in the back of the explorer, tents, surf couches and stay in hostels. Meet as many people and hear as many of there stories as I possible.

  So fellow travelers here's to no destination! I may just find one along the way. I hope to update regularly although I'm not much of a writer. Hopefully my blogging will improve as I go along.
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photo by: ahtibat17