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My new Swedish Viking tattoo

Like I stated at the beginning, this is more a review than a blog, but reviews don't allow video and limit the number of pictures, so I'm using the blog format to review the tattoo shop Lena and I now use.

After Lena got her last tattoo, a Raven, which represents one of the two Ravens from Swedish Viking lore, I started thinking of what my next one would be. I had some ideas, but just couldn't find the right picture to base it from. I knew I wanted to do something big, and something to pay tribute to my wife and her Swedish heritage, but without using the typical Viking stuff you usually find or see when searching for that on line. I also was not going to put her name on me, no matter how much we both know this is forever, I will not put someone's name on me, and she feels exactly the same. It just so happens we have a few Viking nick knack's in the house, so I took some pictures of those, and along with more traditional stuff I found on line, I started saving these pictures on our computer.

After a few months of gathering different pictures, and thinking of how I wanted this to look like, I made a visit to PJ at Art With a Pulse Tattoo. I showed him the pictures I had printed out, we talked about how I wanted it to look, and more importantly, how I didn't want it to look, and left the rest up to him to draw something unique.

About a week later PJ called me to let me know he had something drawn up, so I immediately went to the shop to see what he had. The drawing was amazing, but not exactly what I had in mind, but very close. We talked about the changes I wanted to make, and he said he would call as soon as he had something done. Another week went by and the new drawing was done and ready for me to look over. This time he had it exactly right, and I was ready to get started. Unfortunately, he was booked up the rest of the week, and my work schedule was not matching up to days he had available next week, so I made my appointment for a Saturday a couple weeks out. When Lena came home that night from work, I told her of my appointment, and I think she was just as excited about my new ink as I was!! She did see the very first drawing PJ did, but she did not know what the finial drawing looked like, and since my appointment was also the same day she planned to go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with her co-workers, she would have to wait till it was on my arm to see it.

The day of my appointment was now here. I got to the shop and PJ was there setting things up for me. The size and the amount of detail in this was going to take some time, but I was ready to sit all day if needed! Once we got started, things went well and with a few breaks every once in a while for us both, PJ got was able to get a lot done in the three hours he had set aside for me. As much as I wanted to keep going, PJ had another appointment in an hour, and he needed to get some lunch and take a break and give his hand a rest. He said to call him once my arm healed up and we would get it finished. So far this was looking great and I couldn't wait to show Lena how much we got done today!

A few weeks later, the new ink was no longer peeling and my arm had healed up nicely. I called PJ and set up a date to finish this. This time, I made the appointment so Lena could come watch :) A few days from my scheduled finish day, PJ called and wanted to know if I could come in sooner. He was slow at the shop and could get me done sooner if I could come in. After checking with the boss about coming in late one day this week, I called PJ back set up the date and time. Of course, being the person I am, I said nothing to Lena about the schedule change. I wanted to surprise her with the tattoo finished.

The day of my final sitting was now here. Lena went to work like normal, and I got up as I usually do just before she left. But, unknowing to her, I was not going to work just yet. I got to the tattoo shop around noon and we got started. Two hours later, it was finally done and looked great!!

When I got home from work that night, Lena was already home and fixing dinner. I told her, with a sad voice, "PJ called me and had to cancel my appointment." Her first response was sad and she asked why and when will you get it done? I said I am not going to go back because...and I lifted my's done!!! She was so surprised and excited to see the finished product!! The detail and the way it was all put together, along with the words "Svensk I Själen" underneath was just how I wanted it to look. Svensk I Själen is Swedish for "Swedish in the soul" or "Swedish at heart" He even added a Raven in flight, which represents one of the two Ravens from Swedish Viking lore, Hugin and Munin which sat on the god Odin's shoulders and saw and heard all. Now Lena and I have one of each which kind of ties us together.

If you ever want to get work done by either PJ or Norm, the owner, give them a call, or contact me and I'll help you arrange something. They do seem to be always busy, so just walking in and getting something done right away probably will not happen, so call first.




moshers_moll says:
Hows the ink looking now? Healed up nicely? Very interesting to read, as I'm totally obssessed with all things Scandinavian & viking-related plus a keen interest in tattoo's! :-) Great ink I love it!
Posted on: Nov 17, 2009
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My new Swedish Viking tattoo
My new Swedish Viking tattoo
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