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Why Does It Take A Second To Say Hello But Forever To Say Goodbye??

I realy do not like goodbyes.

As a rule, saying goodbye means the end of something and the transition to something new.

Why change something if you are having fun? Goodbye feels almost too final. The end.

Then again, with all change you simply have to accept it, embrace it and go with the flow of the ocean until it sets you on the beach you were destined to land on.

I'm not all that sure if I believe in a destiny or if your destiny is set, but hey, it was a nice return to the metaphor I set out at the start.

Things always change. It's only natural.

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.

Some of it is our fault. Some of it we can change. The rest we are powerless to fight. So why bother. Change and adapt.

Sometimes We Must Allow The Sun To Go Down A Cetain Stage In Our Lives
Thats what we are best at. Change and adapt.

There are always boundaries and divisions in our way. We can overcome most things in our way. With a little help we can overcome even more yet there will always be those that are far too vast and expansive to be realistically be able to overcome in the short term. We must look to the long term and see that these things that stand in the way of what we want can eventually be overcome.

The ocean can be our friend. It can provide life. It can shelter life. But it can also be our enemy. It can harbour grave dangers. It can separate us from our loved ones.

Missing someone gets easier rather than harder with each passing day even though its one less day without them, it is also one day closer to when you might meet again. Even if that is a lie and that the pain leads to regret down the road, hey, its not all bad....we'll always have Paris......

derekbilldaly says:
Cheers Hannah!!
Mean a lot coming from you. Actually, good thing we never did say goodbye...bring on Thailand!!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
hannah-lou says:
Goodbyes are terrible... agreed. Great blog buddy!!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
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