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I took too many photos and I don't even know what this pic is of, but it's very nice. :)
Holay.  Okay, I'm writing this at 2:38AM after drinking a little, but I want to get this down so I don't forget the good times.  Oh, and a shout out to Emily who is probably the only person who is reading this.  Great job on the new job!  Hollah!  :) 

K.  So I woke up and it was 10AM and I was like OMG because I always call my dad and Tammy when I'm ready to go and I always assume that they're up at like 7am everyday becase they are over 50 and that's what people over 50 do.  So I haul ass out of bed and shower and get Ev up and make him shower and call them at about 10:30 and Dad is still sleeping and Tammy has only just gotten up.  So, yay, I watch a little old school ER with Dr Ross until they're ready and at around 11 or so we head off to get our hopon hop off bus tickets redeemed.
Statue of Duke Ellington in the Harlem area.

But first!  We have Chinese for breakfast (but it's more like lunch since it's 11 or so) and it's just around the corner and the Egg Foo Young - which I've never had before - is DIVINE and such a strange first meal.  I then go to one of the Chinatown booths and a woman tries to convince me that the silver bangles that say NYC NYC NYC on them are Tiffany (HAHAHAHAHAHA) but I ignore her and set my eyes on a three strand black beaded necklace.  She says they are 15 dollars.  I keep eyeing them...touching them...loving them...  So she asks me what I would want to pay for them.  I say 10 dollars.  She says ok!  I BARTERED!!!! I'VE NEVER BARTERED BEFORE!!!  It's totally thrilling and I recount the story about 50 times thoughout the day I am SO proud.

We get on the subway and make it to around Times Square where we get our hopon hopoff tickets and start making a loop through the upper portions of Manhattan (Times Square to Harlem) and it's SO lovely and SO hot out.  We never hopoff until we make a full circle.  I can't really speak of the tour, but it was awesome.  Once I get the photos on here (NOT tonight as it is now 2:46AM) you will see what we saw.  Once we make the full circle around Central Park, we decide to take the red line subway back up to Harlem and eat at a place called Dinosaur BBQ that was on our tour AND I had circled it in my Let's Go NYC guide.  I had a Portabello Mushroom/Pulled Pork Sandwich which was AWESOME.
I bought a bottled water next door to Carnegie Deli! That's close enough, right?
  Then we walked to Grant's Tomb and it was all uphill and I was the fastest moving and taunted everyone with the water I had in my purse, dumping it on my head and drinking its sweet, sweet nector.  Ev called me a bitch.  How Rude!  We got to Grant's Tomb at 5:03 and it closed at 5:00 and the rude ass security guard wouldn't let us see it for even a secone even though we'd walked ALL THE WAY UP THE BIG ASS HILL AFTER EATING A BIG ASS LUNCH/DINNER (linner?) because he was rude ass.  THEN, when we sat down for a break, I read in my guide that April 27 (today) was Grant's Bday and there was a cannon salute inside the tomb that very day and we MISSED it.  Oh well.  NEXT YEAR!  hhahah. 

We then walked aside Columbia, aka Ev's Dream Law School So Says I, and to Tom's Diner to take photos, which is where Seinfield and his gang always had their lunch.
Gorgeous building.
  Unfortch, the inside was not at all like the inside on the show (probably a stage set) but the outside was used as the establishing shot, and that was cool enough.  We then took the subway to Central Park and Dad was awesome and bought an hour tour through Central Park on HORSE CARRIAGE!  Our guide was from Turkey and had a sexy Slavic sounding accent.  Central Park was very nice and full of joggers and there's not much to say about it.  It's 800+ acres, which is big, yo. 

Once done, we decided to go back to Times Square (after peeing in Lincoln Centre, which is full of Coach Stores - but a subpar restroom, boo! - and the like) to get on the Night Tour bus thingie.  It took us through downtown and Brooklyn and was pretty neat and the heat finally had gone down, although it was still 23 degrees even at 8:30 at night.
Everyone but me posing by the Cotton Club.
  That will give you an idea of how hot it was today.  23 felt pretty freakin cool.  It was neat to see the NYC skyline from Brooklyn and learn a bit about architecture and such of the two boroughs.  When we finished, we took the tour guide's advice and went to the BEST PIZZARIA IN NYC called John's Pizza off Times Square and it was pretty tasty.  I had three slices and thought I might die. 

We then all went back to our rooms, but Ev and I had bigger plans of going out for the night.  I realized my sunburn was quite extensive (owowowowowowowowow!!!) so I reluctantly took off my bargained-for necklace to help my neck.  After some research, we decided to head to Welcome to Johnson's in the Lower East Side which was supposed to be one of the biggest Neighborhood Dives in the city.
Grant's Tomb!
  It was.  Pabst was 1.50 in the cans and it was like Joey's house as a bar....but less clean and smaller and hotter and full of PBR.  Holay.  We had one beer and mosey'd along as it was too too too hot.   We decided to do the unthinkable and just wander in a direction not knowing where we were going in NYC at 1am.  Ha!  We saw a traffic jam composed soley of about 10 taxis all honking at each other.  How NYC!  HA!  We ended up at a sports bar in Alphabet City in the East Village. It was funny because we sat at the bar (Bud for me, Stella for Ev) and I heard this guy look at Ev and laugh at his long hair.  His buddy was like "Whatever.  It's his thing.  It's cool."  And then I told Ev on the sly that he was too outrageous for NYC.
Tom's Restaurant aka the Seinfield Diner!
  Ha!  Good times.  After (depressingly) watching the Lakers beat Utah, we decided to move on and try to find a bar called d.b.a. that's known for having over a 100 beers, 150 types of burbon, and other nonsense.  We found it, but it was all over 10 bucks for a drink, so we soaked in the extensive multi-chalkboard menu over the bar and headed to our next destination, KGB. 

KGB was a former Communist Party meeting place.  There are posters of Lenin and Soviet propaganda lit all over and it was pretty awesome.  Less awesome?  Sam Adams beer.  What ass beer!  I let Ev finish mine.  When we were done we decided to head back and ended up finding the Hell's Angels NYC hangout on a random deserted side road, so, of course we took a pic and wow.
Cool statue thing on the side of the Columbus column near the Lincoln Centre.
.. that was awesome. :)  We found our subway and I felt validated that before I came I decided that the East Village would probably be the coolest and now that we're here, we pretty much feel that I was right.  Damn, I love being right. 

We took the subway back to our hotel and here we are.  This place is pretty damn clean and pretty damn friendly and we've never felt intimidated at all.  I'm sure there are times and places where bad shit happens, but we sure haven't seen it yet.  Up for tomorrow?  Hopon hopoff for Downtown and Brooklyn and probably much much more.  :)  It's 3am so I'm gonna sleep and hopefully add pics tomorrow.  :)
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I took too many photos and I dont…
I took too many photos and I don'…
Statue of Duke Ellington in the Ha…
Statue of Duke Ellington in the H…
I bought a bottled water next door…
I bought a bottled water next doo…
Gorgeous building.
Gorgeous building.
Everyone but me posing by the Cott…
Everyone but me posing by the Cot…
Grants Tomb!
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Toms Restaurant aka the Seinfield…
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Cool statue thing on the side of t…
Cool statue thing on the side of …
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Ev and I in the horse carriage ri…
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Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.
Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.
Taxi pileup in the Lower East Side.
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Hells Angels hangout in the East …
Hell's Angels hangout in the East…
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