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Okay, so the day started out by booking it out to South Port to catch the Brooklyn Trolley for the final of our 4 hopon hopoff tours.  We got on around 11 and the tour guide was my fave so far.  Brooklyn is probably the most livable area of NYC, but it's still hella expensive and less awesome than the East Village.  There's not really much to elaborate on, but the largest bee known to man got caught in our trolley but the bus driver saved our lives by shooing it out.  :) 

Once the tour was over and we were back in Manhattan's South Sea Port, we bought tix from the discount booth for Toxic Avenger the Musical on Broadway for 8pm that night.  Ev and I let Dad know that we wanted to run off alone and they could do the shopping they wanted to do by theirselves.  We ate lunch in Chelsea at the Trailer Park Cafe.  It was kind of expensive, but it was fun having sloppy joes and tater tots (Ev) in the most fucked diner ever.  :)  There's a sign there that says "The Best Place to Meet Your Next Ex!" hahahah!  We then walked to Hell's Kitchen because there was a tattoo gallery that Ev wanted to see.  It ended up being kind of less gallery and more parlour, so we only stuck around for about 2 minutes.  At this point, we shot over to Union Square to check out the Virgin Superstore Going Out Of Business Sale, but it ended up being kind of shitty.  The Union Square outdoor market was cool though.  We had a pitcher of ass beer (Sierra Nevada Pale Ale...  BARF) and Ev peed in a 100 year old urinal, so that was fine.  Being tired and kind of drunky, we went back to SoHo for a little nap and almost slept too late!

We rushed ass to Toxic Avenger and it was AWESOME.  The plot was thin and predictable, but it was really funny and the black guy (seriously...he is billed as "black dude" in the playbill) and the woman who played Mayor/Ma/Nun/Others were really really great.  We laughed so much and were sitting 5th row.  After Toxic Avenger, Dad wanted to go to a blues club, so we all went to Lucille's, BB King's Blues Club around Times Square.  We had to stand for a while and drink 7 dollar drinks (not bad for NYC though), but after we got bar stools it was really awesome.  Ev won a "guess the singer" music trivia (Hank Williams Jr) and win a free beer!  It was really enjoyable and I was a drunky and we lets around midnight.  Ev and I were still being silly and fun, so we stopped and bought a 6pack of High Life for the room.  We drank 4 before passing out (I think I almost slept through the last one... so tired!).  Luckily we told Dad that we'd be calling him rather late the next morning, because it was late before we fell asleep.  :) 
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