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I originally wrote this yesterday, but then because of the rather crappy Holiday Inn internet connection, it got erased so I am trying again.  It was a rather grumpy entry anyways, so here's to hoping this can be a bit better.  Right now I'm just chillin' like a villan, waiting for Ev to get back with coffee and cigarettes and for Dad and Tammy to be ready to go for the day.  Ready at 10AM.  This is a record.

Yesterday we woke up rather late after having been out so late the night before.  We had breakfast once again in Chinatown, this time at Joe's Shanghai...known for their soup dumplings, which I have been dying to try.  They were quite odd, but pretty tasty.  Got too full (this is a trend here), wandered around Chinatown, bought some tourist shirts and a hat for Ev.  It was 12:30 and already 85 degrees. Damn. 

After Chinatown, we tried to go to the Brooklyn bus hopon hopoff tour, but on the bus out, Ev's newly bought tourist hat flew off his head, so we hoppedoff and went to chase it down.  We were in the Ground Zero area, so we decided to just hoof it around there for a while.  We all took turns rubbing the Wall Street Bull's balls for good luck (go silver!) before heading to Trinity Church (housing the graveyard with Alexander Hamilton's tomb) and then over to Ground Zero.  It was pretty humbling.  There were two crazy things that will stick with me.  First, the size of the empty lot: 16 acres.  16 acres.  Everett's parents' acreage is 8 acres.  This is double.  And it's all gone.  Outrageous.  Second, there is this really tall black building adjacent to the empty lot that used to house the Twin Towers.  We saw a photo of NYC when they were still standing and they were THREE TIMES TALLER than the black building.  You wouldn't even look at the black building because it was NOTHING in comparison.  Crazy.  We walked around the site and then to the second floor of the Winter Garden where you can get a breathtaking view of the rubble. 

After some moments, we decided to take the subway to Times Square to take the Downtown bus tour around Lower Manhattan.  It was rather subpar because the woman giving the tour wasn't as good as the man who took us on the Night Tour.  I was getting tired and my butt was sweaty and I was really tired of just sitting on the bus and my sunburn was really hurting my shoulders.  It was at this point that I starting getting pretty grumpy.  Post-bus tour, we tried to eat in the Times Square area, but 25 dollars for a club sandwich was rather insane.  So, instead, we took a subway to the Lower East Side (yay!) to eat at Katz Deli, famous for giving Meg Ryan a fake orgasm in When Harry Met Sally.  Three of us had pastrami on rye (the orgasm sandwich) and it was rather yummy, but I had a hard time eating it.  It's weird, but I'm looking forward to going back home and eating food WITHOUT getting stuffed.  I think I'm starting to enjoy my diet eating at home of never really geting too full.  I miss it. 

Post-Katz Deli, we make our way back to SoHo and plan to meet up to take the Brooklyn tour early before our passes expire.  Ev and I curl up in bed and we vow to be less grumpy the next day because this is NYC damnit and we better enjoy it!  :)
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