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Let me fast track a lil stop over in dubai was uneventful... i was hoping i would meet other filipinos going to lagos, but no luck for me. anyways, while i was inside that flight, i keep on imagining what i would see in lagos, would i liked it there? would they liked me? would i enjoy my new job? would i? would i??? so many questions but the answers are so few, or rather i don't know the answer. i don't even know how my employer look like, how would i know them or how would they know me? and funny enough, that is when i actually had my nervous attack so to speak, but it came too late since i am halfway to my destination already.

On getting to Lagos...i received an sms through my mobile phone since i put it in roaming mode. my employer and nigerian recruitment consultant was waiting for me outside the airport. my anxiety subsided a little. it is good to know they are outside already and i won't be really stranded ( i know, funny and crazy thoughts!)

Finally, my luggage were out, and I was looking for my two lifeline in lagos. They saw me first, they approached me and asked me whether it is indeed me, myself and I, hahaha! so we now cruised out of the airport...i looked at the buildings, and i was thinking , the buildings were not too high rise, and they were telling me it is because we are still near the airport,  hahaah! They brought me to the school first, my place of work, and at first i was thinking to myself, what have i done????? i was thinking as well, that the place looked dreary but what can i do, i am here already. after about 30mins in the school, they brought me to my hotel. we talked a little bit about my trip and my family, really polite stuff :) the feeling of ambivalent was back...but i can't turn my back now, i am just hoping for the best.

marix_sublime says:
hahah..well, an opportunity to work came up, and the offer was good, and still is. Lagos has been really good to me, can't complain.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2012
drmorrisj says:
I have been to West Africa before. Strange place. I guess since you are from the Philippines, you are accustomed to the heat. Being from Northern California.....well, let's just say that it was difficult for a person like myself to be there for more than 1 week.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2012
drmorrisj says:
Wow, I can not believe you moved to Nigeria.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2012
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photo by: marix_sublime