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Granny works here!

Scooter good dog. Scooter happy dog! Today Grandpappy take Scooter to visit his Granny, at work! Granny work at American Pride Co-op and……


“Scooter, C’mon! Let’s go see Margo!” yells Grandpappy


Grandpappy need to stop yelling. It makes Grandpappy’s face red and veins pop out.


Scooter run! Scooter very excited to go for ride and see Granny! Grandpappy put rope on Scooter and go to car. Grandpappy drive Scooter to Granny work. Scooter look out window, but not stick head out. Window sometime try to bite Scooter. Scooter see Granny work and get excited. Scooter see many people! Scooter smell many things. Scooter smell hot dogs! Scooter love hot dogs!


Grandpappy open car door and Scooter jump out.


“Hold on, dog!” say Grandpappy “We’ll get there quick enough”


Grandpappy take rope and Scooter pull Grandpappy to hot dogs.

Scooter is good dog!
But, Grandpappy pull Scooter away from hot dog smell. Scooter not happy.


“C’mon, let’s go find Margo.”


Scooter forget. Scooter get to see Granny! Scooter go inside and ladies up front say


“Ohhhh, Isn’t he cute.”

“Is he a basset hound?”

“C’mere boy, let me pet you!”


Grandpappy let ladies pet Scooter for a little bit, but soon he tells ladies we have to find Margo.


“This is why I am never taking you to Hooters. You would get all the attention and leave none for me.”


Scooter almost feel sorry for Grandpappy.

The Hot Dog Ladies!
If Grandpappy give Scooter hot dog, that would clinch it. Then Scooter hear Granny!


“There’s my boy!” say Granny


Scooter tug on rope and go to Granny.


“I’m starvin’.” say Granny. “We have hot dogs and a soda for 75 cents outside.”


Scooter like the way Granny think. Granny take rope from Grandpappy and take Scooter to hot dog smell. When we get to hot dogs, Scooter see Danna. Danna work with Granny. Danny have treats for Scooter. But, not today. Danna is giving away hot dogs to people. Danna is very busy. But, Danna still pet Scooter. Scooter smell hot dogs and hot smell is making Scooter very hungry! Scooter sniff ground. Scooter no find hot dog. But, Scooter do find part of hot dog bun. Gulp! Gone!


Danna give Grandpappy and Granny hot dogs.

Scooter is hunting for hot dog!
Scooter wait for his hot dog. Danna ignore Scooter! Scooter not like this! Scooter hungry! Scooter want hot dog, too! Scooter go to Granny and look Granny.


Granny say “No, Scooter. You don’t need a hot dog.”


Granny is crazy! Of course Scooter need a hot dog! Hot dog is meat and Scooter is a meat eater! Granny in sun too long already. Scooter look at Grandpappy.


“He doesn’t need any hot dog!” say Granny.


Granny is mean with food! Granny never give Scooter her food. But, Grandpappy ignore Granny, and give him piece of hot dog!


“WILL-yum!” say Granny


“He’s hungry” say Grandpappy.

Scooter does not like rockstar dog!
“Let’s head over to the pop. You told be they have 12 packs for $2 each”


“You just want to see the half naked RockStar girl” says Granny


“I have no idea what you are talking about” replied Grandpappy as Granny pulled Scooter away from the hot dogs.


Scooter not happy. Scooter get a piece of hot dog bun and a small piece of hot dog. Now Scooter have to leave the Hot Dog ladies. Scooter smell air. Scooter smell another dog!


“Oh, look! There is Luna, the RockStar Dog” say Granny.


Scooter wonder what kind of dog is rockstar. Scooter is mostly basset hound. Scooter never heard of rockstar. Granny pull Scooter toward rockstar dog. Rockstar dog starts to sniff Scooter and run around Scooter and put his nose in places where it do not belong.

Scooter and nice RockStar Girl (Scooter is going to bite rockstar dog)
Scooter is liking this trip to see Granny less and less. Scooter growl at rockstar dog to tell him to go away.


“C’mon, dear. Scooter is not impressed by the RockStar Dog. Scooter wants to see the RockStar girl. He has very discriminating tastes” say Grandpappy.


“You mean he likes pretty blondes, in bikini tops?” sneers Granny.


“Yes, he does. He’s a very smart dog” replies Grandpappy


Scooter has no idea what they are talking about. Scooter is hungry. Scooter is annoyed with other dog. Scooter is standing on hot asphalt. Scooter is wondering what next.


“Hey, let’s have Scooter's picture taken with the RockStar Girl!” say Grandpappy.


“You mean your picture taken, with the half naked blonde, wearing a RockStar bikini top?” say Granny


“I’m deeply wounded by your insinuation, dear” say Grandpappy


Scooter tummy feels like Scooter just ate a bunch of grass.

That's twice!
Scooter wishes they would take Scooter to see the Hot Dog ladies. Granny pulls Scooter over to the RockStar Girl. RockStar Girl is very nice. She talk sweet to Scooter. She pet Scooter. She tell Scooter how cute Scooter is. No wonder Grandpappy like RockStar Girl.


RockStar Girl gets down with Scooter and Grandpappy is going to take Scooter’s picture. But, before Grandpappy can take picture rockstar dog comes over by Scooter. Rockstar dog is jealous because RockStar Girl thinks Scooter is much cuter than rockstar dog. Scooter think rockstar dog should go away. Rockstar dog keep wandering in front of Scooter. Scooter is about to teach rockstar dogs some manners when Granny tugs on rope and says;


“I think he got his picture. Thank you!”


Granny and Grandpappy buy some Pepsi and Coke. Granny and Grandpappy do not buy Scooter a hot dog. Scooter is hungry! Scooter is annoyed! Scooter wants a piece of rockstar dog!


“Let’s go back on the other side.

Candy, Granny and Scooter
” say Grandpappy. “I want to look at those close-out bins and see what is going on with the Animal Shelter van”


Scooter is a little happier. Scooter is moving away from rockstar dog and towards the Hot Dog Ladies.


“Can you take care of Scooter, while I go? He won’t be interested in the animal shelter and he could probably use some shade.” say Grandpappy.


Scooter could “use” a hot dog. Scooter go with Granny. Granny see Candy. Candy work with Granny and Candy sometime come to visit Scooter at Scooter home. Scooter like Candy. Candy is holding a hot dog. Scooter like Candy even more now. Candy reach down to scratch Scooter ears. Scooter jump for hot dog. Candy move hot dog up high and say


“No Scooter, you can’t have my hot dog. Nice try, though.”


Scooter sit in shade and listen to Granny and Candy talk.

Scooter is sorry Scooter tried to snatch hot dog from Candy
They not say anything important. They also not get a Scooter a hot dog. Soon Scooter see Grandpappy come back. Scooter sniff air. Scooter is not sure, but Grandpappy might have a hot dog! Scooter look. Scooter see! Grandpappy does have a hot dog!


“That’s your third one. You’re going to get fat and an upset stomach.” say Granny.


“I’m already fat, and Scooter is going to help me with this one” say Grandpappy


“He’s not supposed to have people food. It’s not good for him.” reply Granny


“Hot dogs aren’t good for anyone” say Grandpappy ending the talk.


Scooter like Grandpappy. Grandpappy toss Scooter a piece of hot dog. Scooter catch it. It is hot, but Scooter doesn’t care. Scooter get hot dog!


“If he’s going to get some hot dog, at least make him earn it” say Granny.

Scooter get hot dog!


“You just want to show off his tricks that you taught him” say Grandpappy


“I like to show how smart he is” say Granny in her hurt voice. “He’s Granny’s smart baby”


Scooter wish Granny would get to the part where she give Scooter hot dog.


Granny tell Candy to “Watch this”. Then Granny asks Scooter to do “Shake”. Granny asks Scooter to do “Catch”. Granny asks Scooter to do “Sit” Granny asks Scooter to do “Sit up” Each time Scooter do, Scooter get a piece of hot dog. Scooter would do “Kiss the Cat” for hot dog. Scooter love hot dogs!


“Well, it’s time to get a move on.” say Grandpappy. “I need to get the pop unloaded and I have to go mow Mom’s grass”


“Yes, and I should be inside helping Jo” say Granny.

Scooter do "Sit up"


Granny bend down a pet Scooter and tell Scooter he is Granny’s “baby”. Scooter is happy. Scooter get to go for ride. Scooter almost tear rockstar dog a new one. Scooter get hot dog! Scooter have a good day!

WonderDog says:
Grrrrrrr. Enzo is PIG Bull. Scooter not feathers! Scooter tough! Grrrrrrr
Posted on: Sep 02, 2009
jessimae says:
You sure do think you're a big dog. You only think that because the wussy pitbull LETS you pick on him. You have just as many feathers as he does.
Posted on: Sep 02, 2009
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Granny works here!
Granny works here!
Scooter is good dog!
Scooter is good dog!
The Hot Dog Ladies!
The Hot Dog Ladies!
Scooter is hunting for hot dog!
Scooter is hunting for hot dog!
Scooter does not like rockstar dog!
Scooter does not like rockstar dog!
Scooter and nice RockStar Girl (Sc…
Scooter and nice RockStar Girl (S…
Thats twice!
That's twice!
Candy, Granny and Scooter
Candy, Granny and Scooter
Scooter is sorry Scooter tried to …
Scooter is sorry Scooter tried to…
Scooter get hot dog!
Scooter get hot dog!
Scooter do Sit up
Scooter do "Sit up"
Hot Dogs is yummy!
Hot Dogs is yummy!
Scooter, Granny and RockStar Girl
Scooter, Granny and RockStar Girl
Granny thinks Grandpappy is crazy …
Granny thinks Grandpappy is crazy…
Thats once!, rockstar dog
Thats' once!, rockstar dog
Scooter is leaving!
Scooter is leaving!
Granny works here!
Granny works here!
Danna pet Scooter
Danna pet Scooter
Best Pets Colorado was adopting ou…
Best Pets Colorado was adopting o…
Grandpappy wants pop!
Grandpappy wants pop!
Scooter would be better dog with h…
Scooter would be better dog with …
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