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The Brighton Blade-March 13, 1908

“What do you hear, boy? ask Del “You hear another dog? There are plenty of strays running around. Let’s go. We need to check around the corner”


Del walk. Scooter walk. Scooter back hair stand up. Scooter does not like men Scooter smell. Maybe Del make men go away. Maybe Scooter bite man who kick Scooter. Scooter good dog. But if man try hurt Scooter again, Scooter bite!


Del walk around corner. Del start to whistle. Scooter growl again.


“What is with you, dog? There is_”


“Don’t come no closer and put your hands in the air! yells Man who kicked Scooter.


Scooter growl. Del pull something out of his coat, and say


“This is Marshall Ellis! You come out in the light where I can see you!”


Then Scooter hear a loud bang! Bang is louder than when door slam! Bang scare Scooter! But Scooter not run.

The Brighton Blade-May 22, 1908 (This appeared in the paper regularly around the time of the killing)


Then there is another loud Bang! Bang come from Del. Scooter is scared. Scooter does not run.


“Shit, J.B.! say man “Let’s get the hell outta here!”


Scooter hear men run. Men run away from Del. Men run away from Scooter. Scooter look at Del. Del has his hand on his side and is make a strange face. Scooter know Del is hurt. Scooter want to help. Scooter woof!


“He shot me, dog!” say Del. “I need a doctor.”


Scooter not know “shot” Scooter do know that Del does not sound the same. Del sound weak. Del starts to walk. Del walk funny. Del walk slow and shakey. Del walk to stairs that lead to door. Lady come out of door.


“What happened?!” yell lady “I heard explosions!”


“They shot me!” say Del “Get a doctor”


Del fall onto stairs.

The Brighton Blade-March 13, 1908
Lady scream and run inside. Scooter walk over to Del and nose Del.


“Damn, this hurts. It burns like the fires in hell. “I ain’t bleedin’ much, though”


Del show Scooter Del’s hand. Hand have red stuff on it. Del pat Scooter side. Del is not strong. Del is weak like new puppy. Del is not talk loud. Scooter is scared. Scooter woof!


“It’s OK, boy. Help is comin.” Del not sound good. Scooter hear man running.


“What happened?” say running man. Lady come back outside.


“He’s right over here, Doc!” say lady “ He said he was shot!”


Man run to Del.

Union Pacific train stopped in Brighton, circa 1921
Scooter get out of way. Scooter is scared. Scooter hear more men running. Men are running towards Scooter. Scooter move. Men run past Scooter. Men run to Del. Scooter hear first man say;


“Dammit! He’s shot all right. He has a hole right on his left side! He ain’t bleeding too bad, but I think he’s bleeding internally, too!”


The first man turn to another man who is also touching Del and say


“Fred, you’re a surgeon, can you take the bullet out?”


Second man say “I don’t have the facilities for that, plus the damage needs to be fixed inside him. We have to get him to Denver."


 “I’ll go get my team!” Scooter here someone yell.


“There’s a freight sittin’ at the depot! Maybe we could put him on that!”


“That’ll be fastest” say man called Fred.

Brighton Railroad Depot Circa 1910


Scooter move back. Scooter is scared! Scooter is confused. Scooter keeps getting kicked by men trying to get to Del. Scooter move back. Scooter walk to where bad men were. Scooter sniff. Scooter can still smell bad men. Scooter sniff again. One man smell is strong. Scooter follow nose. Nose take Scooter to hat! Scooter sniff hat.


“Get away from that, dog!” yell man.


Man rush to Scooter and pull Scooter away from hat.


“Over here, George! I found something!”


George come over to where Scooter is and pick up hat.


“I’ll bet this from the guy that shot Del!” say first man.


“Look, you give this to Sheriff Hackley when he gets here. I need to get down to the train and make sure he don’t hop that freight!” say George


George takes off running towards church. That is direction bad men run. Scooter run, too. Scooter want to help! George run and run and run. Scooter run, too! Soon Scooter see train. Scooter has never seen train not move. Train always move in Brighton. Train never stop in Brighton. George stop.


“That bastard ain’t gettin’ away!” say George.


Train make loud noise.


“Damn, that’s the whistle! “There leaving!” I have to pick one side or the other to look! Which one?!”


Scooter growl. Scooter back hair is up. Scooter can smell bad men. Bad men are close!


“You belong to Del, Dog?! You got’em!? Which way, boy?”


Scooter know which way. Scooter walk towards left side of train. Scooter walk slow. George is holding something in his hand. This the same thing that make loud Bang! Scooter is not scared. Scooter keeps walking slow. Scooter growls.


Scooter hears many bangs in the distance. Not bangs like when Del hurt. Then train start to move.


“I hope he ain’t already on it!’ say George.


Then suddenly, in front of George and Scooter, the bad men jump up and run to train. Geroge sees them and yells


“Hold it, you sonsabitches!”


The men keep running and jump onto to moving train. Then Scooter hears two loud bangs coming from George!  The train keeps moving. Scooter does not see the bad men! Scooter can not smell the bad men! The bad men are gone.


“Dammit! yells George.


George runs back towards town, forgeting all about Scooter.


Scooter is sad. Scooter is confused. Scooter is tired. Scooter wants to go home. Scooter looks to left and sees, rabbit. This is same rabbit Scooter chase! Strange Rabbit! Scooter does not want to chase Strange Rabbit. Strange Rabbit does not run. Strange Rabbit moves. Strange Rabbit hops. Scooter watches Strange Rabbit. Strange Rabbit hops towards bridge! Bridge is back! Scooter sniff air. This is where Scooter get sick! Scooter not want to get sick! Scooter know that home must be over bridge.



To be continued………

WonderDog says:
Scooter just chase Strange Rabbit!
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009
jessimae says:
You are getting into a lot of mischief mister!
Posted on: Sep 14, 2009
yadilitta says:
Gunther and me are waiting for the next chapter of your adventures :)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2009
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The Brighton Blade-March 13, 1908
The Brighton Blade-March 13, 1908
The Brighton Blade-May 22, 1908 (T…
The Brighton Blade-May 22, 1908 (…
The Brighton Blade-March 13, 1908
The Brighton Blade-March 13, 1908
Union Pacific train stopped in Bri…
Union Pacific train stopped in Br…
Brighton Railroad Depot Circa 1910
Brighton Railroad Depot Circa 1910
photo by: WonderDog