Scooter Meet a Hero (part 2)

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Bird Watching Club

Scooter thinks these are not bad men. Scooter walks over to man called Del and whines.


“Hello there, pooch. What’s your problem?”


Scooter walk closer. Scooter sit. Scooter whine again. Del walk over and reach down and pet Scooter. Del is nice man. Del rub Scooter ears. Scooter looooovvee ear rubs.


“I wonder who you belong to. Let’s move you over to a gas lamp so I can get a look at you. C’mon. C’mon.”


Scooter and Del walk down dirt road towards lights. Soon Del stop and lean over Scooter.


“You have a collar. So you must belong to someone important.

Downtown Brighton, 1893. The Carmichael Building was on the south side of Bridge on the corner of 1st
I’ve never seen cloth like this before. I’ll bet it’s expensive. Some people got so much money they have to spend it on a dog.”


Scooter whine.


“All right. You seem like a good dog.”


Del twist Scooter collar and say


“What the devil is ‘Hooters’? Your master belong to some sort of bird watchin' club? Whoever you belong to, has got more money than he knows what to do with.”


Scooter woof. Del laugh.


“I suppose I should keep you close by.” I can ask around see if someone is looking for you”


Del pull thing out of coat pocket and open it up.

Brighton Courthouse (circa 1910) It still stands today


“Yeah, but that won’t be for awhile. It’s just after midnight. There ain’t no one up this time of night. No one ‘cept Miss Roberts over at telephone office, and the guy over at the depot. I guess you’ll just have to make the rounds with me. That OK, with you?”


Scooter woof. Scooter not sure what Del is talking about. But it sound like Del help Scooter get home. Del start to walk down dirt road.


“C,mon. Let’s work our way down to the courthouse”


Scooter follow Del. Scooter and Del walk from one building to another. Del would stop and rattle door. Scooter not know why. Scooter not know how this help Scooter get home. But Scooter keep following. Del is nice man. Scooter and Del turn right and walk down dirt road with many lights.


“We will walk east on Bridge St and check the business on this side of the street.

Historic 1886 Church, located about 200 yards behind where the Carmichael Building stood
Then check the Courthouse. Then we will walk down the other side of the street as we head west and check those. Sound like a plan?”


Scooter bark. Scooter still not understand, but Del is nice man. Scooter trust Del. Del will get Scooter home.


“I’m pretty happy to have this Night Marshall job.” say Del " I just started two weeks ago."


Brighton is an up and coming town. We became the county seat, for the new Adams County,  four years ago. The courthouse, over yonder, was just finished two years ago. We just got a brand new depot, last year. And, I heard Marshall Moore say we got about 800 people in town now. Can you believe that?”


Scooter woof. Del laugh.


“You’re good company, dog. I’m gonna hate to give you up” say Del


Scooter and Del walk down dirt road.

Division St looking South. It is now Main Street. Swanns Livery Stable would be between the two 2-story buildings on the right. The Carmichael Building is at the far end of the block (not visible)
Del stop and rattle doors at each building. Sometimes Del stop and look in windows. Scooter and Del reach big building. Scooter and Del walk all around big building. Del rattle every door Del see. Scooter does not care. Scooter like Del.


“Hey, boy. What say we take a break? I stashed my supper over yonder at City Park when I came on duty.  Elnora packed me some ham and fried eggs, plus some fresh baked bread. She’s a damn fine cook. She still gettin’ used to me workin this late shift, but we are managing.”


Scooter stop listening after “ham”. Scooter knows ham! Scooter love ham! Scooter follow Del. Scooter sniff air. Scooter smell ham. It is not strong smell. Scooter walk ahead of Del. Scooter keep sniff air. Ham smell get stronger. Scooter keep walking. Ham smell keep get stronger. Scooter follow nose to gray metal pail. Scooter start touching pail with nose.


“Not bad, hound. You got a good nose. I wonder if your master has you trained for huntin'?”


Del and Scooter sit on ground.

Swan's Livery Stable. B.F. Swan is the guy in the white beard
Del open pail. Del give Scooter food as Del eats. Del is not mean with food. Scooter like Del. Soon food is gone.


“Well, that didn’t take long. We better get a move on. We got a lot of businesses to check on. We have to work our way all the way to church behind the Opera House.”


Scooter and Del walk. Del continues to rattle doors at the buildings. Scooter keeps walking beside Del. When Del stop. Scooter stop. Scooter pee, too. Scooter and Del walk back down dirt road with lights. They come to tall buildings. One has very bright light in front.


“I don’t know why Mr. Counter insists on burning this damn arc light all night. Ain’t nobody up to see it. At least we don’t have any trouble finding his lumber yard.”


Scooter and Del turn north down another street with many lights. Some buildings Del does not rattle door.

The Carmichael Building. It housed the Opera House and Post Office. It burned down and was not rebuilt
Peeple live there, say Del. Most doors Del do rattle. Scooter walk with Del. Del talk to Scooter a lot. Del tell Scooter about this man. Del tell Scooter about that building.  Scooter listen. Scooter not understand. But, Scooter not care. Del is nice man. Del help Scooter go home. Del and Scooter cross dirt road.


“That’s Swann’s Livery Stable.” say Del as he points. “That’s as far north as we go tonight.”


Del rattle door and then Del start walking back to tall buildings. Del walk. Del rattle door. Del walk Del rattle door. Scooter follow. Scooter lead. Scooter sniff. Scooter pee. At end of dirt road is tall building. This building taller than other buildings.


“That’s the Opera House. It has more than that in the building, but we just call it the Opera House.”  Say Del


Del rattle door and then walk west.


Scooter hear noise. Scooter growl.


“What’s up with you?” ask Del.


Scooter look ahead and growl. Scooter hear noise. Scooter smell men. Scooter smell man who kick Scooter! Scooter growl again.


“What do you hear, boy? ask Del “You hear another dog? There are plenty of strays running around. Let’s go. We need to check around the corner”


To be continued………………………………………

Africancrab says:
Scooter, you may want to ask mum for a time machine huh!
Posted on: Oct 04, 2009
mkretzer says:
I have to agree with your mommy, you went way back in time.
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
WonderDog says:
Rorrrrr? It dinner time?! It snack time!?
Posted on: Sep 03, 2009
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Bird Watching Club
Bird Watching Club
Downtown Brighton, 1893. The Carmi…
Downtown Brighton, 1893. The Carm…
Brighton Courthouse (circa 1910) I…
Brighton Courthouse (circa 1910) …
Historic 1886 Church, located abou…
Historic 1886 Church, located abo…
Division St looking South. It is n…
Division St looking South. It is …
Swans Livery Stable. B.F. Swan is…
Swan's Livery Stable. B.F. Swan i…
The Carmichael Building. It housed…
The Carmichael Building. It house…
photo by: WonderDog