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Campbell Park sign

Scooter good dog. Today Scooter Grandpappy is work on car. Car broke. Grandpappy fix. Grandpappy also say bad words. Granny say bad words helps Grandpappy fix car. Scooter not understand.


Scooter do understand open garage door. Grandpappy open garage door to let out hot air, bad words, and…Scooter! OK, Grandpappy not let Scooter out, but Scooter not hung up on technicality. Scooter is free!


Scooter wonder what to do with freedom. Scooter think Scooter should go to park. Scooter go Benedict Park? No, Scooter see Stoodip Dog Catcher near there last time Scooter get out. Scooter not go Veterans Park. River is Veterans Park. Scooter hate river. River is watr! Scooter go Campbell Park! Campbell Park have baseball field.

Baseball field at Campbell Park
Campbell Park have Tennis Court. Campbell Park have Roller Hockey Rink! Campbell Park have trees! Scooter water tree! Tree have birds! Tree have Squirrels!


Scooter head south to Southern St and then turn west. Scooter walk. Scooter pee. Scooter walk past houses. Scooter walk to softball fields. Scooter walk to baseball fields. No one play now. No one to give Scooter candy. Scooter sniff trash cans. Scooter is sad. Trash cans are empty. Scooter go back to sidewalk. Scooter walk direction of park.


Scooter is back on sidewalk when Scooter hear someone say,


“Here Doggie! Here Doggie!


Scooter look towards direction of Campbell Park and see lady.

Tennis Court at Campbell Park
Lady is smiling and kneeling down. Lady is holding something. Scooter smell air. Wind is blowing wrong way. Lady is wiggling her hand like Granny does when she has treat. Lady have food!


Here Doggie! Here Doggie! say Lady


Scooter start to walk to Lady. Scooter look away from Lady hand. Scooter look at Lady. Lady has on blue cloths. Scooter see those cloths before.


“C’mon Doggie! I got something for you!’ say Lady


Scooter walk closer. Then Scooter smell other dog. Scooter stop.


“C’mon Doggie! C’Mon!” Lady says more urgently.


Then Scooter look behind Lady. Scooter see van. Scooter know van! This is Stoopid Dog Catcher! Scooter turn! Scooter run! Scooter run and turn right on Central Ave.

The Bromely entrance sign to Brighton Memorial Parkway
Scooter run to end of block and turn left! Scooter run! Scooter cross Voiles St. (Is amazing Scooter knows where Scooter is at, huh?) and turn right onto walking trail.


Scooter should be safe! Sign by walking trail say “No Motorized Vehicles”  Dog Catcher is slow. Dog Catcher need race car to catch Scooter. Scooter is thirsty. Scooter walk to concrete stream and drink. Scooter feel better. Scooter wonder where to go now. Scooter not go back. Scooter must go forward. Forward  towards Bromley Lane. Bromley Lane is very busy street. Scooter will follow Bromley Lane east to Bromley Creek Park. Bromley Creek Park has lot of room for Scooter to run. Maybe Scooter chase birds.


Bam! Scooter jump! Scooter confused! Scooter is surrounded by string! Scooter can not run!


“Gotcha!” say Stoopid Dog Catcher “I was afraid you had given me the slip!”


Scooter lay down.

Drainage Canal along Brighton Memorial Parkway
Scooter is caught. Scooter is doomed! Scooter wonders what to do. Scooter should bite! Scooter is good dog. Scooter only bite if in danger. Maybe, Scooter in danger. Scooter is caught by Stoopid Dog Catcher. That sound like danger to Scooter.


“Easy, now boy. I’m not gonna hurt you.” Say Stoopid Dog Catcher. “ Let me put this leash on you and we’ll go the van”


Stoopid Dog Catcher talk nice to Scooter. Scooter will not bite. Stoopid Dog Catcher take out rope and put on Scooter. Rope is like when Mommy take Scooter for walk. Stoopid Dog Catcher take string off of Scooter. Scooter get up.


“Let me see your collar”


“Cute. Someone like Hooters.” continues Stoopid Dog Catcher.  “You’re name is Scooter. Well, Hello Scooter! What are you doing out without your owner?”


Scooter just look at Stoopid Dog Catcher.

City of Brighton is sneaky


“You have a vaccination tag and an ID tag. We should be able to find who your owner is and get you home.”


Scooter is confused.  Scooter know who is Mommy. Scooter not need help find home. Scooter is not lost. Maybe Stoopid Dog Catcher needs Granny to help her find her home. Granny can help. Granny know everything. Stoopid Dog Catcher must know of Granny and need Granny help. Scooter will have to go with Stoopid Dog Catcher. Scooter will have to find Granny, so Granny can help Stoopid Dog Catcher find her home.


“C’mon Scooter. Let’s get you to the van”


Scooter walk with Stoopid Dog Catcher a short distance to van. Van has writing on it. Writing say “Brighton Police-Animal Control and Protection” Scooter must tell others about this. City of Brighton is be sneaky. They write “Animal Control” on van instead of “Stoopid Dog Catcher”


Stoopid Dog Catcher pick Scooter up.

City of Brighton Animal Shelter
She do nice and not hurt Scooter. She put Scooter in tiny room in van. Scooter is confused.


“You’re heavier than you look, Scooter. You must have a lot of muscle there”


Scooter wag tail. Scooter is strong! Scooter is brave! Dog Catcher could never make Scooter go, if Scooter not want to.


“We’re going to the shelter now, and then I’ll call your owners.”


Van start. Van move. Now Scooter is “go for ride”. Scooter usually like “go for ride”. Put “Go for ride” not always good. One time Granny tell Scooter “go for ride” and get Scooter fixed. When Scooter come home from ride, Scooter is not fixed. Scooter is broke. Maybe this is bad “go for ride”. Scooter is scared.


After little while and lot of slow downs, and stops, and turns, van stop and van become quiet.



“You want to get out of there?” ask Dog Catcher “I have to put this leash back on, and put you on the ground.”


 Dog Catcher talk nice to Scooter. We have to find Granny. Scooter is still scared, but not as much. Dog Catcher put on rope and tell Scooter to “C’mon”. She pick Scooter up nice and put Scooter right on ground. Scooter is happy! Scooter wag tail. Scooter stop to pee on pole.


“Well, better out here than inside where I have to clean it up”  say Dog Catcher


Dog Catcher take Scooter inside. She put Scooter in another tiny room. She give Scooter bowl with food and water. Scooter not hungry. Scooter is thirsty. Scooter drink.


“Ok. Now I have a little paperwork to do and then we will get you chipped.

The Van
After that I will call your owner and they can come get you.” say Dog Catcher Lady.


Scooter lay down. Scooter is still scared little bit. Scooter want to go home. Scooter worried he not go home.  Scooter whine.


“What’s wrong, boy?” say Dog Catcher Lady. “We’ll get you home. And just in case you ever get out again,  I am going to put this electronic chip in you. It won’t hurt and I have a treat for you if you are a good boy.”


Scooter know treat! Scooter sit. Dog Catcher Lady pet Scooter. Dog Catcher Lady pinch up some of Scooter loose neck fur. Dog Catcher Lady do nice. Dog Catcher Lady not hurt Scooter. Scooter feel pinch on neck. This do hurt! But hurt is little and Dog Catcher Lady rub and talk nice to Scooter.


“There that wasn’t too bad was it?’ say Lady “Here is your treat.”


Scooter take Milk Bone treat and lay down on floor to eat.

Scooter in trouble


Lady laugh and say “Make yourself right at home! I called your owner and she will be right down to pick you up. I guess they were already out looking for you. She sounded relieved.”


Scooter not understand all of that, but it sound like Mommy come to get Scooter. Scooter hope Mommy bring Granny. Granny help Nice Lady find her home. Nice Lady put Scooter back in tiny room. Nice Lady pet Scooter.


Then Scooter hear Mommy!


“Hi, I’m here to pick up my dog.”


Scooter bark!


“I think Scooter wants to go home,” say Nice Lady


“We were so worried!” say Granny “Where did you find him?”


Granny is here, too! Scooter is happy! Scooter bark! Granny help Nice Lady! Scooter go home!


“I picked him up on Memorial Parkway Trail.

Scooter Mug Shot
If you want to step over to the counter, we can take care of all the paperwork and then we’re done” say Nice Lady.


Scooter not see anybody. Scooter bark and bark and bark.


“Maybe one of you should go see Scooter” laughs Nice Lady


Then Scooter see Mommy! Scooter bark.


“Oh, Scooter!” say Mommy “I was so worried when we couldn’t find you! You could have gotten run over.”


Mommy pet Scooter. But Scooter think Mommy worry too much. Scooter not get even know what run over is.


“If you put a leash on him, you can take him out” say Nice Lady.


Mommy open tiny room and put rope on Scooter.

Nice Lady
Then Scooter come out of little room. Scooter lick Mommy! Scooter wag! Scooter dance! Scooter is very happy!


“OK Scooter” say Nice Lady “We got everything worked out. You get to go home now. You be a good boy and stay in the yard, OK”


Nice Lady pet Scooter. But, Scooter know Scooter not stay in yard. Scooter like to go. Scooter like to see. But, Scooter like Nice Lady.


“And” start Nice Lady as she look at her arm “Judging by the time, I get to go home, too.”


Scooter is happy! Granny help Nice Lady! Nice Lady go home too! Scooter bark. Everyone laugh at Scooter. Then Mommy take Scooter outside to Granny car. Scooter hop in car and we all go home! Scooter is tired now. Scooter lay down as Mommy pet Scooter. Scooter go home.

yadilitta says:
yay for Mommy and Granny!!!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2009
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Campbell Park sign
Campbell Park sign
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