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Scooter Home

Scooter good dog. Scooter like to go for ride. Today Grandpappy say to Granny

“Come on, let’s get a move on. I thought you wanted to go to the cemetery today”

Scooter understand “Go” Scooter get excited. Scooter dance. Scooter bark. Grandpappy say

“You can’t go Scooter. You have to stay home”

Scooter sad. Scooter good dog. Scooter want to go. Scooter see Grandpappy take something out of car. Grandpappy leave car door open! Scooter run! Scooter jump! Scooter lay down. Scooter not bark. Scooter not dance. Grandpappy close door! Scooter go for ride!

“Did you see Scooter” yells Granny to Grandpappy.

“Yes, I chased him away from the car” answers Grandpappy. “Let’s go!”

“I’m coming.

Elmwood Cemetery
I’m coming” say Granny.

Granny and Grandpappy get in car. Car makes noise. Car move. Scooter is going for ride! Scooter wants to see. Scooter gets up. Scooter sits. Scooter no move. Scooter no noise. Car no move!


“Is this spot OK with you to leave the car?” say Grandpappy


“Yes, but roll the back windows down” say Granny


“Why? say Grandpappy


“It’s pretty warm today, and the car will get hot”


“Whatever” Grandpappy mumbles as Grandpappy make his eyes go funny.


Scooter sees window move. Scooter is excited! Scooter want to put head out window.

Emmett Bromley, Farmer and Colorado State Legislator (Photo courtesy of The Brighton Blade)
Scooter no do that. No let Grandpappy see Scooter.  Grandpappy take Scooter home. Scooter do look out window. Scooter see lot grass! Scooter see lot things to pee on!

“And open the trunk, so I can put my purse in. I don’t want to lug it all around all afternoon” say Granny


“Yes, Dear” say Grandpappy


“and we have to get back in plenty of time so I can set up for the Trick or Treaters” continued Granny


“Yes, Dear” say Grandpappy


“and we…” starts Granny


“Yes, Dear” say Grandpappy in a funny voice

Scooter hears trunk close. Scooter sees Granny walk away. Scooter sees Grandpappy walk away. Scooter climbs out window.

Bromley family stone
Scooter free! Scooter see big trees. Scooter like big trees. Big trees have birds. Big trees have squirrels. Big trees good to pee on. Scooter see big rocks. Scooter see big rocks everywhere. Big rocks have writing.


Scooter walk. Scooter pee. Scooter chase birds. Scooter pee. Scooter chase squirrels. Scooter pee. Scooter is about to pee on big rock when Scooter hear…

“Hello there, doggie” says a man with a bushy mustache.

Scooter jump!  Scooter make short Arf!


Scooter no hear man! Scooter no smell man! Scooter confused! Scooter always hear peepul. Scooter always smell peepul. Man walk to Scooter. Scooter watch man. Scooter no run.  Man seem nice. Man might give Scooter food. Man stop. Man pat Scooter. Man hand cold. Scooter no smell man. Scooter confused. Scooter try for food. Scooter hold paw up. Granny teach Scooter “Shake”. Granny give food when Scooter “shake”

Man laugh and say “Hey Dewey, Come here and see this dog!”

New man walk over.

Dewey Strong, Brighton co-founder and businesman (photo courtesy of Rocky Mt News)
Scooter no smell new man! Scooter no hear new man, before!

“What do we have here, Emmett? Is this dog running for office” say Dewey.

“I hope not. I think he would beat both of us” laughs Man with moustache

New man give Scooter candy. Scooter like candy!

“That’s a Spangler Wonder Caramel. I keep a few of them with me to give to the kids that come in with their mother, down at the mercantile” Say he new man.

Scooter like New Man. Scooter “Sit Up”. “Sit Up” always make Grandpappy give Scooter food.

“Is that your circus dog, Emmett?” said a Third Man

Scooter fall over. Scooter no smell third man! Scooter no hear third man! Scooter confused!

“I guess he must be, Jim” say Emmett “How’s your lumber yard?”

“Gone” say Jim.

Strong family headstone
“They torn it down to build the new library”


“Progress.” say Dewey “Have you been out to your old farm, Emmett?”


“Yup, “It’s run down and falling apart. The buildings are still there, but they are in a right state. But, it looks like they are going to be restored”


“You planning to move in?” say Jim


“Maybe” starts Emmett “I was always happy there. What about your mercantile, Dewey? Is it still there?


“Oh Sure. It’s a stout building. It won’t be going anywhere. It’s a restaurant and a salon now“finished Dewey


Scooter looks at one man. Scooter look at all mans. Scooter is still confused. Scooter Bark!


“Hush, dog!” say Jim “None of us, including you, want any attention.

James Counter, Lumberman, Legislator, and Brighton Mayor
We don’t get out this way but once a year, and dogs aren’t allowed in the cemetery at all. Now be a good boy and keep quiet.”


Scooter understand “Hush” Grandpappy tell Scooter Hush all the time. Scooter not cares. Scooter job is to bark. Then Scooter remember Granny and Grandpappy. Granny and Grandpappy are here. Scooter turn head to look and sniff. Scooter turn head back to bark at mans again. Mans are gone!


Scooter jump! Scooter look and look and look! Scooter no see mans. Scooter run! Scooter tail is tucked! Scooter yipe and yipe and yipe! Scooter run back to car!


“What the hell are you doing here!” say Grandpappy


“What’s wrong with my baby!” say Granny “You’re shivering like it 30 below”


“Maybe he saw a ghost.” Grandpappy laughs


Granny looks at Grandpappy with her unhappy face and keeps petting Scooter.


“Let’s get my baby, home.” say Granny


“Yes, dear” say Grandpappy

vances says:
A very grave entry....but it definitely had a plot!
Posted on: Oct 31, 2009
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Scooter Home
Scooter Home
Elmwood Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery
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Bromley family stone
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Strong family headstone
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