Scooter Meet a Hero (part 1)

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Strange Rabbit. Him start this trouble!

Scooter good dog. Scooter also confused dog. Scooter is lost! Scooter does not get lost! Scooter nose always knows where Scooter is at. Scooter see signs. Scooter see buildings. Scooter see people. All tell Scooter where Scooter is. Not tonight. Scooter is lost. Scooter was not lost a minute ago. Scooter was not lost when Scooter was chasing evil flower eating rabbit. Scooter should start at beginning.



Much before Scooter chase evil flower eating rabbit, Scooter was at home. Scooter was hungry. Scooter was not tired. Scooter go over to food bowl and decide to have midnight snack. Everyone else is sleep. Mommy sleep. Granny sleep. Grandpappy sleep. Then Scooter hear noise. Noise is Pete. Pete is Mommy boyfriend. Pete not live here. Pete is sleep on couch tonight. Pete not tired. Pete get up and head to back door. Pete is going to smoke. Scooter not like smoke. Scooter not understand why peeples smoke. Smoke smell bad. Smoke taste bad. Smoke make eyes wet. Smoke make throat hurt. Smoke is dumb. Pete go outside. Scooter go outside, too. Scooter like outside. Scooter like night outside. Night outside is quiet. Animals come out to play at night. Scooter want to chase squirrels. Scooter want to chase rabbits. Scooter want to chase cats. But Scooter is not allowed out of backyard. The stoopid Dog Catcher will put Scooter in jail. Scooter is sad!


Pete not pay attention to Scooter. Pete walk through back gate and go to car. Scooter decided tonight is good night to chase amimals! Scooter walk out gate, too. Pete go one way. Scooter go the other way. Scooter walk and pee. Soon Scooter is on Skeel Street. Then Scooter sees The Squirrel! Scooter hate The Squirrel. The Squirrel is mean to Scooter. Every day The Squirrel walk across telephone wire in Scooter backyard. Every day The Squirrel stop and yell down


“Stoopid Dog! You can’t get me!”


Scooter bark and bark and bark. The Squirrel just walk on wire and twitch it’s tail at Scooter.  Tonight The Squirrel is on the ground. Tonight The Squirrel is in middle of grass. Scooter run! Scooter bark! The Squirrel run! Scooter get close! The Squirrel run up tree! The Squirrel is breathing too hard to taunt Scooter. Scooter almost get The Squirrel. That make Scooter happy. Scooter decide to walk for while. Scooter walk up to Egbert on 11th. The Scooter head west. Scooter walk. Scooter pee. Scooter walk. Scooter pee. Scooter run after cat, but cat see Scooter and run away. Scooter walk. Scooter pee. Scooter cross many streets. Scooter cross 4th Street, and then 3rd Street. Wait!  Scooter see Rabbit father down. Rabbit is evil. Rabbit eat Grandpappy flowers. Scooter job to keep Grandpappy flowers safe. Scooter stalk rabbit. Scooter move slow. Scooter stay low. Scooter get closer. Scooter almost close enough. Then rabbit see Scooter and run! Rabbit is very fast! Scooter bark and run. Rabbit dart south on 2nd Street and then, make sharp right and head for bushes! Scooter try to follow, but Rabbit is too fast. Scooter catch a glimpse of rabbit crossing bridge over ditch. Scooter run fast over bridge, too. Then Scooter feel sick!


Scooter not know what happened. First Scooter feel like Scooter. Then Scooter cross bridge and Scooter feel like Eve when she have seizure. Scooter not shake like Eve. Scooter just feel sick. Scooter lay down. Soon Scooter feel better. Scooter smell air to find out where Scooter is. Nose tells Scooter strange things. Scooter smells, horses! Scooter never smell horses in town before. Scooter look back. Bridge is gone! House is gone! Bushes are different! Scooter is lost!


Scooter not sure what to do. Scooter can not go back. Scooter hate water. Scooter see light. Light show Scooter buildings! These buildings look different. Not like Brighton buildings when Scooter was last near downtown. Scooter is confused. But, light and buildings mean peeple! Maybe people help Scooter. Scooter must watch for Dog Catcher. Scooter come to railroad tracks. Scooter decided to walk by tracks toward light. Scooter only walk short distance and Scooter see three men. Scooter stop and listen.


“C’mon Bill, downtown is this way. There’s nothing worth messin' with that way” say Big Man


“You sure about this, J.B.?” say man called Bill


“I’m sure. They lost their night policeman a month ago. We shouldn’t have anyone botherin’ us.” Say J.B. “Ole, Hurry the hell up!” continue J.B. to third man.


Scooter is not sure about these men. Scooter’s back hair is standing up. But, Scooter need to find home. Scooter walk up to men and Scooter whine. The man called J.B. jumps.


“God Damn, Cur” yells J.B. and man kicks Scooter! Scooter tries to move, but Scooter is not fast enough. Man kicks Scooter on Scooter back leg. Scooter does not like these men! Scooter growls at the men! Scooter is not afraid! JB pulls something out of his coat and points it at Scooter.


“Hold it, J.B.” shouts man called Ole. “If you fired that Colt, you’ll wake up the whole town! Damn sure the Marshall will get woke up!”


Man called J.B. grunts, reaches down and picks up a rock. Scooter has seen mean boys do this. Scooter runs! Scooter keeps running towards the lights. Scooter comes to a dirt road. Scooter follows this dirt road, west, a little while until it meets another dirt road. Scooter is still very confused! Brighton does not have dirt roads. Dirt roads are out in country, with horses. Maybe Scooter is very sick. Maybe Scooter walk far and not know it. Scooter confused. Scooter tired. Scooter thirsty!


Scooter can see lights close now. These lights are very strange. These lights are fire. The fire is like Grandpappy’s tiki torches in backyard. The fire is on tall sticks, like Grandpappy's. But, they are in a glass boxes, on the sticks. They also smell different. Scooter does not care. Scooter need water. Scooter smell. Horses are very close! Scooter also smell water! Scooter find wooden bathtub full of water. Water is not fresh, but it is water. Scooter drink and drink and drink. Scooter feel better.  Scooter hear talking! People near by!


Del, I don’t know what all the hubbub is about” say man “We don’t need those damn “primaries”. We all know it will be Taft on one side and Bryant on the other. One big fat crook and one tall thin crook.”


“Yeah, yeah, Harry” say man called Del “I don’t get into politics. It ain’t smart in my new line of work. I’ll always be makin’ someone mad. The less of that, the better”


The man called Harry laughed.


“Well, I’m off to bed. I’ve closed the saloon, cleaned up, and even had me a meal. Time to go home to the wife” say man called Harry


“Bye, Harry”


“Bye, Del


Scooter thinks these are not bad men. Scooter walks over to man called Del and whines.


To be continued………

missandrea81 says:
:D Glad Scooter is making friends.
Posted on: Aug 20, 2011
Africancrab says:
Interesting indeed
Posted on: Oct 04, 2009
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Strange Rabbit. Him start this tro…
Strange Rabbit. Him start this tr…
photo by: WonderDog