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On the first day we visited KeeLong harbor at the north part of Taiwan where offers a lot of fresh seafood. We tasted some seafood snacks at the market and we love them. Next destination is Yeliu where you can  see the beautiful rocks that formed after the sea water and wave erosion, for example the candle rock and the most beautiful Queen’s head rock.

We then went to an old town named JiuFen (translated to English is 9 portions) This name derived from a story like this : Long long time ago, there is this little settlement up in the mountain where only lived 9 families. A man from the village would go down from the mountain to main town to buy groceries for the village people and he always bought 9 potions (9 bags of rice, sugar…etc) Therefore they called this town 9 portions.



We flew to the north east part of Taiwan - Hualian to visit Taroko Gorge National Park - it is so beautiful with its natural marble stone along the river. One of the special stone is Rose Stone. This is a pink/rose color stone. It was found under the ground after numerous times of earthquakes. The highlight of this tour is to the tunnel of 9 turns (what with the figure 9?)



The 3rd day was the day I looked forward to all times - We are going to see Sun Moon Lake! I have heard about how beautiful and the tranquility of Sun Moon Lake before I see Taiwan. They said you are not considered been to Taiwan if you did not see Sun Moon Lake. We stopped at a small town named Puli where it is famous of it rice wines. We went to a wine factory where there are varieties of wine products for tourist; we even got a chance to visit the wine cellar. We had lunch at a local restaurant where it served local small shrimps and fish that caught from the lake. Very delicious! Finally, the Sun Moon Lake! Wow!  We went to a WenWu temple somewhere near the lake - huge temple.

We stayed at the Richforest Hotel that built by the lake. This beautiful hotel is built by all cedar woods! They even have their own dock! After checked in to the hotel, we decided to just enjoy the lake view and gave up the chance of visiting some pagoda up in the hill.

We enjoyed a drink at the dock where there are chairs and tables set up by the hotel bar. It was so peaceful by the lake with some soothing music.


The next day was boat ride on the lake. The boat’s name is Noah Ark (which I think is pretty funny) took us to an island in the middle of the lake - The Lalu Island ( I like this name) After the boat ride we took a bus back to Taipei.


The Taipei city tour took us to the Taipei Museum. This is the forth largest museum in the world. They have 6800pieces but because the museum had limited space, they could only display 2000 pieces at one time and the rest are stored in a cave. We visited the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall where there is a huge statue in side the hall facing China. According to the guide, Mr. Chiang Kai Shek wanted to go back to his home country, China all his life but he never made it; therefore the people arranged his statue facing China.


Last day before departure, we decided to see Yang Ming Shan (Yang Ming Mountain) blooming flowers and do some hiking. We took a local bus up to the mountain that was very cheap. The people in Taiwan are so polite though, they would queue up for the bus, unlike the Chinese in China (Gosh, I still had nightmare about these Chinese, rude, cunning and dirty) It was a pleasant bus ride up to the hill. We got to see Calla Lilies - they are so pure beautiful! We had snacks as lunch on the hill although there are so many other properly set up restaurants. Yang Ming Shan is huge! We were so tired already before we started the hike. We finally found the path to the hike. It was amazing with the bamboo view.


I have heard of Taipei Airport has a Hello Kitty gate/waiting area and nursery before you board your flight. I was so excited when I finally saw it! It is located at gate C3. Hello Kitty fans out there, you will love it. It is too bad I couldn’t stay a little longer though, because my flight was leaving soon!


Taiwan, I will be back!


Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
Thank you so much for your comment and smiles! Yeah, I love Taiwan and hopefully will be back soon!
Posted on: Jul 04, 2009
Airportman says:
That's a great blog, Vanessa and great photos too. Certainly brings back memories of my time in Taiwan :) Thank you for sharing!
Posted on: Jul 03, 2009
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