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This small blog is a short list of bullet points of the thoughts, impressions and observations that i made during my one month stay in Nepal.

  • Nepali's are smiley happy people, specifically in Lang Tang region.
  • During the off season some Nepali's have trouble making money, due to lack of tourists, some will become desperate at time.
  • Horn/ Honking on the roads is used in a completely different way in Nepal that it is in Europe. They use it to warn that they are overtaking, which i might add is especially useful for lorries and buses with big 'blind spots'. they also use their horn when they are going fast around blind corners in order to warn on-coming traffic of their presents, so that everyone sticks to thier side of the road.
  • Nepali's are big on card games, especially in the mountains in the evenings as there is so little to do.
    we learned a very simple card game called 'Dumal'.
  • Beware of NOT AT ALL tasty mangos. friuts which are good are Pineapple, Leechee, Banana and water-melon.
  • Communist signs are very common, especially in rural areas. they will just be graffitied in random places.
  • Swastika signs are also common but are ALL Buddhist of course.
  • There are LOADS of buses everywhere, some tourist but mainly local.
  • There is water in abundance, even in summer, but mostly not drinkable unless purified.
  • There doesn't seem to be any 'Nepali' look per say. Just combinations of Tibetan, Chines, Indian etc depending on where you are geographically there will be more people of a certain look.
  • Corn is grown in huge quantities in many parts but we couldn't see where it all goes! the only place where we saw corn was in street stalls where it was grilled on a fire.
  • 'Stop and Stare' at anything! this seems to be the Nepali's pass time. they will stop where ever they are doing and just stare at absolutely anything of the vaguest interest, be it card games, unusual occurrences, incidents etc etc etc
  • Within the tourists business world in Nepal it seems that every business is linked with several others in one way or another. Hotels and travel agencies are a specifically good example of this. So often you find yourself being moved around between friends, not always to your advantage.
  • Thamel (Kathmandu) and Lake Side (Pokarah) areas are 100% custom made for tourists and should not at all be taken as a representation of the towns themselves.
  • There seems to be a lot of political unrest and some confusion even amongst Nepali's themselves. Strikes occur quite often as do protests. This mess might also be connected to the odd situation with the Royal family.
  • Dal-Bhat! the Nepali's dish of the masses. Tasty and cheap. Price range from 80 Rupee up to 300. the dish comprises of vegetables, curry, Bhat (Boiled rice), Dal (lentil soup), sometimes yoghurt, meat is optional and one can sometimes choose between mutton, chicken and pork. expect a meat Dal- Bhat to cost about 50 Rupee more than a vegetarian one. It is the only dish where you would be offered a refill of pretty much everything other than the meat. Dal-Bhat is a spicy dish and of course the level varies depending on the person who makes it but my average spicy rating is a 6.5/10, so most people should handle it without any trouble.
  • As an Israeli it became VERY clear that anyone who deals with tourists (shop keepers, Taxi drivers etc) KNOWS that you are Israeli! and will happily approach you saying  'Shalom' etc but it gets worse when at night people offer you drugs in Hebrew, 'Rotse Samim?'. simply showing the sheer volume of Israelis who come to Nepal!

lauro says:
sir rotse samim sir? take take take
Posted on: May 11, 2014
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