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so.... first off i should say that this part of my trip has been AMAZING! with a lot of thanks to Filipino hospitality, TB's here in the Phils, Lauros family who seemed to know no end to Generosity! to en extent where i almost felt uncomfortable! lol
but finally i should really be thanking the main person who made this trip possible for me! monkey friend, who invited me almost 7 months ago to go with him back to the Philippines for the longest visit since he left the Philippines for Germany! i almost instantly said YES! and i was quite wise to do so! so id just like to take this opportunity to tell everyone what an AMAZING guy Lauro is. he is much more than just that 'famous' and 'popular' TB member. he is a true traveler and people like him are what make Travel Buddy what it should be! so all i can say to you Lauro is Thank you.
...thank you SOOOO much for what has been an amazing eye opener of a trip. i owe you a lot as you know and i do intend to repay you with a tour of my two homes; Israel and England! just make the date! ill be there!

OK now i have taken care of 'formalities' :P lets get down to business!


An amazingly contrasting country in many senses.
poor and rich, beautiful nature and dirty poor city slums.
the Filipinos seem to be a VERY creative and resourcefully people who have a solution to any day to day problem they encounter. They are for the most part quite patriotic and proud to be who they are! how ever i couldn't help noticing the apparent lack of care for the environment (common for developing countries i suppose).
people seem to litter without giving it a second thought. As its still in development the government seems to put distinctly more money into developing new areas and building rather than restoring and up keeping historic one. Its colourfull and quite savage history with the Spanish, Japanese and Americans has unfortunately seem to erase most of the original culture, one can only really find some further into the countryside, but in the cities its all but completely gone. All this makes me really confused, with such patriotism surely more care and love for their history would result in more preservation! a really shame and i true hope this changes as soon as possible.

i first uncounted here the phenomena of products which claim to make your skin fairer! all Ive ever heard of is tanning lotions, tanning salons etc in Europe.
they thought that people actually make an attempt to look paler was very surprising for me! but this comes along with the hole attitude that the Spanish pump into the Filipinos minds; that white is better and more superior, some influence from the  chines success may have played a part in this as well. The average young Filipino who has a bit of money seems to aspire to be an American! i noticed this a bit more with girls rather than boys although i assume its about even. This can be seen in Mall culture, fake American accents which i am told they teach specifically in call centers! lol apparently a common young Filipino occupation!

One can definitely feel the affect of the catholic church on society. much more strict and anti sexuality. which of course results oi NO visible sings of homosexuality in the streets. im also informed that the use of contraception (like in all catholic cultures) is pretty much non existent.
This causes late teens and early 20s to get married (because of course...once pregnant, they are coupled for life) and divorce isnt really an option. so the population is heavy on the young side...maybe 80% young (under 30s) and 20% maturer.

To conclude....although the phillipines doesnt seem to be a major touristim location these days, it should be! the country really offers so much! nature, history and lovely people. i would recommend how ever for visitors to base themselves in Baguio City...7 hour bus ride from Manila as it is a more 'honest' location. people wont try and take advantage of you as much as they might do it manila. so you can more confidantely travel by local transport! but if you insist on staying in manila then Makati is probably the most comfortable place to be in! although having myself been based in Las Pinas...i warmly recommend it!
lauro says:
you owe me lot, ben frankel GET NAKED hahahahaaaaahahhahaaaa
Posted on: May 05, 2009
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Annie caught on camera! VERY RARE!
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