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When I got back to Be'er Sheva, I took the bus Na'ama wrote down for me. I rode around, passing Ben Gurion, a familiar street, a familiar neighborhood and got off when I thought it was the right neighborhood, except it wasn't her neighborhood!

Well no big lost, as there was a grocery store. I went in to pick up some milk for the coffee I brought for Na'ama. The manager was watching a soccer aka football game on the t.v. and his butt was hanging out from his tight jeans. There sure is a lot of skin on display in Israel, who would've thought?

Blah blah, I sure record every little thing don't I? Anyway, I went to the fridge, and there was no soy milk, aww what's a pseudo neo-hippie to do? :) Made my purchase, and wandered lost for an hour. I was hot and concerned about milk spoilage, so I eventually just caught a taxi for -20 shekels- the standard rate for clueless me haha.
I never, NEVER take taxis home in NYC but here I was playing as if I had never ending funds for taxis haha. I really tried to find her place but on her block none of the homes are marked! I went into several buildings trying out the key...seriously. If anyone was home, they probably thought they were being broken into!

The 5th apartment and I finally got into the right one!

I washed some dishes, cleaned up a bit, and went on the internet. On FB, a friend contacted me saying my mom was frantic because she hadn't heard from me...oops! Three days and she was panicky, oyyy. Then another FB friend said our mentor died! Uggh, from falling a flight of stairs, he cracked his skull.

The phone card I had on me wasn't working, kept going to a French support hotline, so I tried Skype-ing my mom. She kept picking up but not hearing me.
On the 4th try she had her friend pick up the phone, and they kept saying who is this idiot who doesn't say anything!

Na'ama got back from school, and invited me to her friend Lilach's nearby for dinner. Na'ama whipped up some chocolate with coconut cake. I held the bowl of fruit, she held the cake batter and we set off to Lilach's.

I thought it was incredible how eco-conscious many were here, perhaps out of necessity but still...We had to press a button for the light and it would turn off while we were still walking down the stairs, and the stair well was open with slats to let in air and sunshine in the daytime.

I Skype-called from Lilach's successfully. Child duty to momma completed.

Lilach put together a fruit salad, and added "California nuts." I asked her what California nuts are.

"You know, the nuts from California."

Na'ama was also curious about what Lilach was referring to...Long story short[er], it was walnuts! I didn't know they came from California, ya learn something new every day :P

Anyway, we watched The Spirit which is one of the most earnest jokes of a movie about superheroes that I've seen so far. Na'ama fell asleep, and when she woke up, asked "How was the movie, was it a good choice to fall asleep?" haha, yes it was!

On the way back to Na'ama's, she scolded me for jaywalking, and said "This isn't New York! There are enough ways to die here, please be careful!" oops...

When we got back, safe and sound :), we stayed up chatting some more, blah blah, and finally went to sleep, we both would need it! A long emotional day ahead...
nimrodk says:
I LOL all the way.
Posted on: Jun 19, 2009
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Yet again making food for me. Toda!
Yet again making food for me. Toda!
Fruit salad, and she hadnt yet ad…
Fruit salad, and she hadn't yet a…
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