What do vomit, $10,000, SWAT, and almost missed flight have in common? - Part 2

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Oxford Circus
SWAT you ask?! Yes SWAT or in London, the Metropolitan Police, greeted us ONBOARD in London.  "EVERYONE PLEASE STAY SEATED, THE AUTHOURITIES WILL BE COMING ON BOARD." said the voice over the speaker.  Authourties! WTF? Grreat I thought, what are we in for now!   Anyways, soon after that message, 3 officers fully suited up in bulletproof vests, come on the plane, single file and arrest some woman and escort her off the plane!.  I'm not sure what they took her in for, but it must be something big.   I'll be sure to check the news soon!  BUt boy what a welcome to London! lol.

So how does a missed fight fit in? Well I had a 8 hour delay in London, so I thought to go meet up with two of my friends in town, Katie and Bally.
My Future Employer!
  I met up with Katie first.  I met Katie 3 years ago while touring Cambodia, so it was cool too see her after all these year.  We walked around Oxford and Piccadily Circus for a bit, then picked up sushi and then headed off to St. James Park for lunch. It was pretty cool, I felt like one of the many Londoners who were enjoying a nice afternoon just chilling.  I was told the weather was beautiful and very rare, it was hot and sunny, not your typical London weather.

After I met up with Katie, I met up with Bally.  Bally, is someone I met on the beach in Koh Phanagn, Thailand, last year along with her friend Hardeep. Always up for a drink, we sat at a bar near Liester Square and had a few pints.  3 pints of beer later, Bally has the great idea for me to delay my flight and stay in London so her and Hardeep could show me around London and enjoy the brillant weather.
Me and Katie at "the Mews" I think! London Eye in the background.
   3 pints down, I'm all for it, heck why not, i'm not on any schedule!!  Problem is, this great idea comes up at 6 pm and my flight to Beijing is at 825 and I'm in central London!  After a few calls, we both figure out, its too late to change the ticket, so we'll have to save the partying till I get back to London in Decemeber! So i say my goodbyes and jump on the tube to Heathrow Station at about 620. So much for the early check on international flights! I'm already living on the edge lol.

Finally I GET to Heathrow at 7, but because I had 3 pints, i REALLY needed to go to go find a bathroom! lol.  On top of that, I also needed to collect my bags from the luggage storage.
They actually DO have Red Telephone Booths everywhere!
By the time I find a washroom in the monstroscity call Heathrow Terminal 3, pick up my backpack and make it to the check-in counter its about 725.  

Once at check-in, the lady at the counter just sits there looking confused.  I ask why and she says there arn't any seats available!! Grrreat, day 1 and I already miss a flight?!  Finally after what seems like a very longtime, some of the "reserve" seating opens up and I get a seat, second row from the back of the plane!  

Got a boarding pass, but I still needed to get TO the plane and through security, which of course is packed with people.  Instead of worrying I tell a security guy my flight was starting to board at 725, its now 740 can you push me through and lucky me he does! BUt did I make it? Was the gate close? OF COURSE NOT! It was on the other fricking side of the terminal, through a big ass mall and then down a long ass hall of gates!  I end up walking/running basically to the VERY END Of the terminal.  I made it with about within 5 minutes of them boarding. Haha.

Day #1, 194 days to go! ;)

Beijing here I come.


mathieudm says:
A train to the airport you say!?!

I'm sorry, I don't quite understand. I thought all airports were only accessible via expensive cab rides or out of the way buses. I clearly need to travel more!

Sounds like a great start to the trip!
Posted on: Jun 28, 2009
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Oxford Circus
Oxford Circus
My Future Employer!
My Future Employer!
Me and Katie at the Mews I think…
Me and Katie at "the Mews" I thin…
They actually DO have Red Telephon…
They actually DO have Red Telepho…
Me and Bally in Lieseter Square af…
Me and Bally in Lieseter Square a…
Bally trying to call Air China to …
Bally trying to call Air China to…
Paddington Station, about to jump …
Paddington Station, about to jump…
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