What do vomit, $10,000, SWAT, and almost missed flight have in common? - Part 1

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Ready to go!
All these things happened in the first 24 hours of my trip!

Day 1 started with me puking my guts out at my parents house.  I had been up basically all weekend partying, running errands and packing, so when I got to their house prior to leaving for the airport I was both tired and hungry.  Hungry, my mom asked? NUff said, a feast was laid out for me, my last homemade meal for a while.  I think I ate 3 plates of food in about 20 minutes! As we were starting to make our way out the door to the airport, I started to feel nausous.  To make a long story short, I puked for the first time in years about 3 plates of food.  I guess, too much good food too fast, ain't always a good thing!

Eventually I made it to the airport, once all checked in and goodbyes given (maybe a tear did come to my eye ;) ), I waited in the lounge, like any other flight I'd been on.  BUt this time there was a difference,  once I pasted the gate, I see 4 cops standing there, one looks at me and asks, where are you going? "To London sir", I respond in my most innocent voice. He tells me they are doing spot checks on passengers who may be trying to take more than $10k out of the country. Do you have any money greater than $10,000 he asks.  I tried not to laugh and said, NO sir but I wish I had $10k! Not too amused he told me to move along.  

They did however pull someone else over and start going through his briefcase.  Funny to see 3 cops hunched over sorting through a very unassuming man's stuff.  Maybe he was a smuggler! I never saw that man again.

On to London.......!
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Ready to go!
Ready to go!
photo by: yasuyo