Please be sure to fasten your seatbelt.... - Part 2

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Local bus, aka "Hell on Wheels"


Well ok there is no seatbelt, nor is there a chair to sit on! I'm on a sleeper bus heading on a 19-hour journey from Mumbai to Udaipur!  Why I thought this would be a good idea just 5 hours after getting off a 14-hour sleeper bus from Goa to Mumbai, I don't know!


Last time I wrote about the wonders of modern AIR travel.  Well BUS travel doesn't make me as giddy as the former. At least on a plane you get a washroom and some food.  On the bus...well we just stopped and everyone just got down and took a communal piss in the field (first stop in 4 hours mind you)! Ahhh India.   O and for food, well right now I have none and am down to my last 1/8th of a bottle of water. I reeally hope they stop, otherwise ill soon have to pull a David Blaine and reduce my heartrate and put myself into some deep trance to stop thinking about food!!


I guess the benefits to this madness is I get to SEE much of India (window view of course) and I get from Goa to Udaipur for about 25 bucks Canadian!  I could have flown, but that would have been about 10x more expense with accommodation.


I also could have taken the train, but seems like there is no availability for any trains in India to just buy a ticket the day of or even a few days before! You would think with a billion people, they would just add more trains, just like China. No sir! 


So most likely all my travel in India will be by bus. Ok ok, well let's see how the rest of this ride goes, I can hear the airport calling me! ;)


Ok we stopped! (2 hours later).. Ah 2 bags of chips, 3 cookie packs and 2 water bottles! Don't wanna test the Indian street food right now lol


P.S.  Since writing this blog entry on my blackberry on the way to Udaipur, below is the total travel I’ve done so far in India by bus (and some train and taxi).  All of this done overnight to save time and cost of accommodation:


Goa - Mumbai - 14 hours - Rs 450

Mumbai - Udaipur - 19 hours - 600

Udaipur - Jodhpur - 7 hours - 200

Jodhpur - Jaisalmer (train) - 12 hours - 300

Jaisalmer - Bikanker - 8 hours - 250S

Bikanker - Armitsar - 14 hours - 300

Armitsar - Phanktok (local bus, aka “hell on wheels“) - 3 hours - 54

Phanktok - Mcleod Ganj (taxi) - 3 hours - 450

Mcleod Ganj - Delhi - 12 hours - 450


Total = 92 hours - Rs. 3054 (~$70 Cdn) !!!

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Local bus, aka Hell on Wheels
Local bus, aka "Hell on Wheels"
photo by: vvicy1