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Having a middle eastern dinner with Primal

Just got back to the airport from my short stay in Doha, Qatar.  I had a 12 -hour layover here and lucky for me I have a cousin, Primal, who lives here, so I got a whirlwind tour of the City of Doha.  For those unfamiliar with Qatar, its in the Middle East, near Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.  Like most Middle Eastern countries its rich, DAYAM rich!  In fact, it’s the richest country in the world if you base your stats on a per capita basis, Qatari’s make about $40,000 USD per year.  However, unlike other Middle Eastern countries, who base their economics off their oil reserves and trade (e.g., Dubai), Qatar, right now, is based off its large natural gas reserves; the crazy thing is they haven’t even tapped into their oil reserves yet! Not a drop it seems.
The skyline of Doha

So what do you do with all this wealth?! Well in my short stay there I saw a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and a Masarati dealership.  I saw more skyscrapers, then I’ve seen back home in Toronto, I visited an exclusive, ultra rich residential and commercial area made from salvaged land into the sea (The Pearl, Qatar), with a mall with shops from Hermes, Giorgio Armani, Cavali, you name it, that designer  probably has a store here! The wealth here is crazy!

My cousin was telling me all this development and wealth is only a recent thing.  It seems in the past, the Qatari King and a few of his friends (cronies as they like to say) kept all the wealth of the country to themselves and lived extravagant lifestyles. Things changed some time back with a coup by the King’s son, the Emir, while the King was out of the country.
Me and Primal in one of the fancy malls in The Pearl
  The Emir, took over the government, jailed the King’s cronies and put the King, his father, under house arrest!  Now no one talks about the King at all it seems, its all hush hush! Lol.  Since this coup, the country has prospered and gained international status as a Middle Eastern transport and financial hub.  Qatar Airways, is suppose to be one of only a few “5-star” airlines; I would beg to differ on that tidbit, since the service was nothing special and I couldn’t even get f-cking peanuts on the plane! Its financial sector is growing, since Qatar was stable enough to not be too affected by the recent global financial crisis, so now more investors and banks are setting up in Qatar, moving the Middle Eastern financial focus away from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Doha.

O’ on top of everything that has happened here in the recent past, the next big goal of Qatar is to host a major sporting event.  You would think they would start off a little small, since they have never really held anything major in this country. You would think! So what are they bidding on these days? Well there were bids for the past two Summer Olympics and now the focus is getting the 2022 Fifa World Cup of Soccer! Crazy.

Hopefully one day I’ll get a chance to come back and spend a little more time here and live like the high roller I really am! Lol ;)  

Ok gotta go catch my flight! Off to London! ;)

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Having a middle eastern dinner wit…
Having a middle eastern dinner wi…
The skyline of Doha
The skyline of Doha
Me and Primal in one of the fancy …
Me and Primal in one of the fancy…
photo by: Stevie_Wes