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London! Like many places I’ve visited on this trip, London as always been a place I’ve wanted to see. Yes, seriously! Lol Everyone always asks me ”why do you want to go to London so bad?” I always respond, “why not!”.  London, sorry New York and Toronto, is THE global city.  Its has a history that dates back to the Romans to about 2 AD. Almost 2000 years this city has existed and its filled with history everywhere you look.  So why wouldn’t you want to come to London!?

Now I’ve been to London about 6 or 7 times before, but always in transit.  I actually started this trip off in London, I spent about 5 hours in town meeting some friends, remember I almost missed my plane to Beijing!? Lol  It was too bad I missed out on London in the summer, but I have to say winter in London isn’t all that bad either!  I’m sure it has something to do with it being Christmas time, lots of areas around the city are all light up with Christmas lights, etc.
  To all the guys out there I know this will sound gay, but it reminds me a lot like one of my favourite movies, Love Actually.  Yes I like the movie! There is just this vibe about this city I love.

Every time I got off the tube at some station, the moment I leave I’m always wide-eyed and all giddy at what I see.  To tell you the truth, nothing in particular makes me smile, its just I see some old building, or see the red telephone booth or something, I get happy.  While there in London, I was even lucky enough to experience snow.  Now usually I hate winter and I hate the snow, and yes it was f-cking cold, so cold that I had to buy a jacket and a sweater, but seeing the snow fall at parliament and outside the window while I ate inside a Thai restaurant was very cool.
Me and Bally on some crazy ride in Leicester Square! lol
  In that Thai restaurant with me that day was my friend Katie from New Zealand.  Her and her husband having been living here for about 3 years now, and she’s never seen it snow in London.  Remember that giddiness I talked about? Well I think it’s a bit infectious, because she was so happy about seeing the snow, I was so happy just to be chilling in London! Lol

There is a lot to see and do in London, but frankly I didn’t really do much this week.  I just chilled and met up some friends, Katie, Bally and Hardeep whom I met last year in Thailand.  The first two days I hung out with them and they showed me around town, I had a great time just hanging out.  They kept asking what I wanted to do, and I kept saying nothing! Really, I enjoyed seeing how Londoners lived.
  Most days I just walked around, sat in cafes, people watched, rode the tube.  I really like the feel of this place, everywhere I walk I love the architecture, the grandness of the train stations, the history around the corner, and the worldliness of the place.  I think London is a lot like Toronto, another great World City, but what Toronto lacks and something I always admired about Canadian cities like Montreal and Halifax, is history.  History and old buildings are what draws me here.  Hopefully one day I might live here, that is one of my goals.

I’ll definitely be back soon to enjoy the city in the summer!

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Me and Bally on some crazy ride in…
Me and Bally on some crazy ride i…
photo by: ulysses