Last Day of Work, 4 days to go

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Last Day of Work, 4 days to go

"This is an automated response.

I will be out of the office from Monday, June 22, 2009, returning Monday, January 4th, 2010.

Yes thats right 2010!

See ya!


OK my out of office message didn't quite read like that, but you get the picture! Just 4 more days to go.  Wow when i started this blog, I wrote there were 2 months to go and now i'm only a few days away.  People keep asking me if I'm excited.  I am, but i never really feel like anything is happening until I'm on that plane or in the airport. BUt with that said, this time around, yes I am excited about this new adventure I'll be taking.

6 months! Like i said in the last blog, dayam.  

THis weekend I have to finish up all my packing and fit everything I'll need for the next 6 months into one backpack.  This backpack has already been around the world many times, but this time its in for the ultimate adventure.  This time, how do you bring enough stuff for the hottest Africa, rainny Southeast asia and the high altitude of Everest base camp and Kilimanjaro?!  Its called layering baby!  Its quite easy, high alititude wear everything, raining wear waterproof jacket, and in the sun wear as little needed and not to get soaked in sweat! Well I guess I'll find out if this theory works soon enough. 

Anyways, after the big party is over this weekend, the hardeest thing will be having to say goodbye or "bye for now" to all my friends and family.  I've heard the hardest part of traveling is saying goodbye. I'm actually dreading monday, when I'll have to say my last goodbyes, those will be the hardest.

So thats it for now! Bye for now and see you in Beijing! Zai jian!


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photo by: AndyBrook