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Jasmine flowers for goodluck



Those are the words a friend of mine used to describe my father.  I thought that was the perfect word to describe the way I also saw my father. Every boy grows up thinking his father is a hero, someone that is immortal and will always be around, someone that is indestructible.


Not till I saw my dad in ICU this past weekend did that word no longer seem valid.  My father had been in a lot of pain for most of the previous week, everyone thought it was just an infection. Not till Saturday morning when I saw him slurring words and his face look limp, did I really start to worry. Initially it was thought he had a stroke, but now all signs point to a rare ailment brought on by infection, that has left parts of him temporarily paralyzed.


Early that Saturday morning, we rushed him to the hospital as his health seemed to be deteriorating quickly, on arrival they took him straight to the ICU where they quickly started to treat him and run tests.  Lucky for us, over a week now since his admission, he is still weak, but looks to have the worst behind him. Modern medicine is an amazing amazing thing.  He will eventually get better, but only with time and lots of rest.  Better yet, compared to a few days ago, he is in much better spirits, all thanks to all the family and friends that have come to visit.  As I sit here beside his bed, where it looks like hes finally getting his first real sleep in weeks, I think its ironic that all this happened here while in Sri Lanka where all our family is.  


See that very Saturday morning, I had just finished writing my final thoughts about my Sri Lankan experience [I was leaving very early the next morning]. I spoke of how much family I had here, how much I appreciated them and how it must have been great to grow up around so much family and friends. My final thoughts also mentioned how family was and is so very important to Sri Lankan culture.


Just an hour after I close my laptop to sleep, did my father fall the first time on his way to the washroom. That night he must have fell at least 3 or 4 times. 


So it is ironic that the family support I talked about in my blog early that morning, is the same support that is being the most helpful to my father and to me and mother right now.  Without all the support and love, Im sure we would be more scared than we are right now. 


With so many people around to help us, that also means we have a lot of connections. In a place like Sri Lanka, connections get things done.   Luckily a lot of the family we know here are doctors, including my dad's brother, two first cousins, and even our neighbour is a doctor. Connectionsonly because of these connections were we able to quickly bypass a lot of hospital administration and end up having two of the best doctors in Sri Lanka as his lead physicians. In fact just mentioning the name of the neurologist my father has, people smile and say wow "he's the best". I've actually heard that many times now by various people.  Now when I say "people" I include the random travel agent I had to go see, hes that well known I guess.    Connections brought, at last count, 10 doctors that had some connection to my family.  All I can say is I'm glad my father is in good hands, the best hands.


Everyday as I wait with him in the hospital there is a steady stream of family and friends coming to see my him. Sisters, cousins, uncles, brother-n-laws, friends, nephews, nieces, neighbours all come. Even people we barely know, know of my father through some connection and come to pay their respects. This isn't isolated to Sri Lanka either, calls and emails from Canada, Australia and the US steadily come. All I can say its wonderful to have so much love and support for my father and me and my mom from both my family and friends here, but also from my own friends at home.  :)


To add more to the story, a week before all this happened I was actually supposed to leave for Nepal. In fact only the night before leaving, I thought, I had some time to spare on my trip, so why not stay an extra week and spend more time with my parents and family.  So the next day I delayed my departure exactly one week to Saturday night.  That one week delay is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made in a long time. Im a true believer in everything happens for a reason.


Now that this has all happened, I've put my travels on hold for a bit. I plan to stay in Sri Lanka until my father is fit to fly, then I will fly back with him and my mother to Canada to make sure he is ok and that my mother is ok. In one day the family roles have reversed, its my turn to take care of them. Family is paramount as I said in my last blog entry, this to me is more evident now then ever.


"Indestructible?".... I guess no one really is.




P.S. For those friends back home following me around on this adventure, this will be my last entry for a while, hopefully my father will be better soon. Only then will I resume my travels. Ill let everyone know when I get back home to Canada. :)

oldschoolbill says:
Wishing you Father a speedy recovery!!
Posted on: Sep 06, 2009
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Jasmine flowers for goodluck
Jasmine flowers for goodluck
photo by: wanderingluster