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Me overlooking the gorge

Oldupai Gorge is a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  The reason that I chose to do the Intrepid Tour, instead of the countless other tours that followed basically the same route, was that we got to visit this gorge.  So what is Oldupai? Well to those that a bit about the anthropology, Olduvai Gorge (improper translation of Swahili) is where Louis and Mary Leakey did a lot a research on early hominids, modern human’s earliest ancestors. In fact, here in Oldupai there are traces of  man’s evolution from Homo hablis, to Homo erectus, to primitive Homo sapiens, all found within the strata of this gorge. On top of all of that, also found here are footprints made by primitive man, that were left millions of years ago! So for a man of science like me, you can see why this is one of the places I really wanted to visit in Africa.

There is a little museum at the gorge now, nothing that even comes close to what it should be given the history the gorge represents, but nonetheless it is there.  Inside you’ll find a cast of the footprints that were found in the gorge and a brief history of the evolution of man.  Sort of interesting, but there are far better places to read about what is found in Oldupai in your local library or of course National Geographic! Nevertheless, though the visit here was short, just being here to see the gorge itself, to see where some of modern mans’ ancestors once lived was awesome. :)

Tonight we make camp atop the Ngorongoro Crater, I can’t wait! 
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Me overlooking the gorge
Me overlooking the gorge
Olduvai Gorge
photo by: spocklogic