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Just landed in Mumbai, India.

Now that I've been traveling a lot, its a weird feeling to get on a plane in somewhere and many hours later get off a plane and be in a totally different land, a different world.  When I left Toronto this time around it was cold and wet, when I stepped off the plane in Mumbai, it was about 29C and literally the air had this fragant smell to it.  The air had a bit of spicyness to it you might say...Welcome to India.

As always my travels always have some adventure to it. Well this time I had a 12 hour delay in Mumbai, before heading off to Goa. I figured I would use the delay to catch up on sleep.  One thing I forgot to do before leaving was book a hotel room, but I figured once I got to Mumbai it would be easy to do, right? WRONG.  The airport is totally dead on arrival.  None of the hotel reservation desks are open, nor are the ubiqutous touts that always hang around the airport there. So I head out and ask an army police men if they are any hotels near by.  Of course he didn't undetrstand.  So I head back into the airport to see what i can do.  I soon realize that once back IN the airport, that they won't let me OUT of the airport! WTF 12 hours sitting around in an airport with only chapatis, chai and fricking basken robbins ice cream, hmm not good.

I approached the army police and said look my flight isn't till 12 tomorrow, I get a head nod and a sorry sir, you must stay.  So I sit around this barren airport trying to catch a wifi connect and figure things out.  Finally I talk to ANOTHER army police man, and tell him my story and that I just want to go get a room.  After about 10 minutes, he gives me the indian nod, OK, and escorts me pass the other army officers! VIP treatment yaar!

Uneventful night a local hotel.  The only thing funny that happened, in the morning I went to brush my teeth, only to wonder what the hell I just put in my mouth! Now you would think the small tube next to the toothbrush they provide is full of toothpaste.  No Sir, this is india, there are two small tubes, one tube is shaving cream!  That would explain the foaming, lemon taste in my mouth! lol Fun times.

Off to Goa!




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photo by: vvicy1