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Capital of India and one of India's biggest and busiest cities.  Delhi, like Jodhpur and Bikaner before, is just another pit stop.

Two days we had here before we had to catch a train to Varanasi.  I had originally planned to spend no time here and head to Agra to see the Taj Mahal with Emile, but getting to Agra at 7 in the morning seemed a little more problematic then you would think!  Only tourists go to the Taj Mahal, both local and foreign, so you would think there are daily buses/trains!? Nope, just 3 tourist buses in the morning and 3 trains in the morning! O’ of course there is the local bus which takes 7-8 hours to get to Agra, but hell on earth isn't an option today.

The best option is to catch a train, but of course there aren’t any seats…they say. Wait for it.....ok well there ARE seats if you're willing to pay about 1500 rupees for 800 rupee seats!  Lucky for me I've seen the Taj before, so after much thought Emile decided to go. He didn't want repeat what he did in China and miss another cultural treasure (aka the terra cotta warriors in Xian)! Lol

Me, I went shopping for two days straight! Lol. There are a lot of good places to shop in Delhi! I ended up buying so much stuff, I'm planning to send a package back home. :)

Other then the shopping, Delhi was typical Indian chaos. Take for example getting on a train. On a typical train car there are two doors. Commonsense tells you its better to only open one door, so everyone goes in the same direction and can board slowly, but surely. Commonsense does NOT apply to Indians! People, each with big bags, coming from both sides down a narrow aisle creates chaos. Now throw in two big backpackers that are tired and annoyed by the nonsense of Indian transport, what you get is a pushing match! Guess which side won? ,)

Next up, my final Indian destination, the holy city of Varanasi.

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic