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Have some English Pub fare, bangers and mash!

Cambridge.  When you hear the name, you think of smart people and a great university..  I came to Cambridge to visit one of my good friends, Mandy.  I met Mandy back when I lived in Ottawa and we’ve been friends ever since.  About a year ago, Mandy decided to take a leave of absence for government job and live in Ireland for a while. So why you ask is she is Cambridge?! Well after spending much time in London, a place she never wanted to visit, she got hooked on England and found a job working in Cambridge working for a science journal.  

Lucky for me, I’ve always wanted to visit Cambridge, so here I am! Cambridge is a university that happens to also be a town, compared to its rival Oxford, that is a town with a university.
  The university in Cambridge dates back 800 years (founded in 1209)!  It its home to some of the most famous thinkers of our time, including Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.  The university itself is said to have been formed form some disgruntled students from Oxford.  The two universities ever since have had a rivalry up until this day, 800 years later!

I ended up spending the weekend in Cambridge.  The first night was spent with Mandy and her roommates having Christmas dinner. Now I don’t think I’ve ever really had a “proper” Christmas dinner, with the turkey, the stuffing, cranberries, pies and the Christmas cracker! We even had Mulled Wine and Hot toddys! Both heated drinks with spice in there, interesting stuff.

The rest of my time in Cambridge me and Mandy explored the town.  As expected, I loved Cambridge.
  I love history and I love old architecture, Cambridge has both.  it’s a nice compact little town, so we walked around, checked out the different collages.  When it got too cold to walk, we headed into a pub for a pint of some cider or grabbed a coffee in a café.  Jolly good fun!

Saturday night we headed to one of the local bars for some ales.  I never knew the difference between an Ale and a Lager, until Mandy told me the fermentation process in Ales happens at the bottom, while in Lagers it happens on top! The discussion reminded me of that friends episode when was Ross was trying to figure out the same differences between the two beers! Lol interesting stuff! The bar was just a local bar, literally around the corner across the street from some 200-300 year old houses, one of which Mandy lives in.  It was good night of drinking, then we did like we did back in Ottawa, we headed out for some Sharwma, but here they call it Kebab.  Ah the late night, drunken feast! Lol Good time. :)

Now I’m back to London, before I head off on a plane to….well you’ll just have to wait and see ;)



P.S. Mandy i just realized we never got a photo together the whole time i was there! Oops :)
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Have some English Pub fare, banger…
Have some English Pub fare, bange…
Local Bar
Local Bar
photo by: Ann_Hells