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I always find it interesting when I come to Sri Lanka how everyone seems to know everyone, how everyone is seems to know some VIP in the country.  When I say everyone, I mean everyone, its weird.  Apart from the sisters, cousins, brother-n-laws, sister-n-laws, nieces, and nephews, there are others that have some connection to the family through someone or this person knows that person.  Names come up and dad says, Ahhh I know him or thats so and sos wifes sisters son, or “thats your uncles daughters Montessori teachers father“! Sometimes I like to play 3-degrees of Nihal (my father).  Its just like 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon, only Sri Lanka style. So lets play! 


Ÿ         Former Sri Lankan President, Ransingha Pramadasa (3 degrees: Brother -> Brother’s Best Friend, Chief Legal Advisor To President -> President), 

Ÿ         CEO Honda Sri Lanka (1 degree: First Cousin),

Ÿ         Former Minister of Industries and Trade (3 degrees: Sister -> Husband -> Brother),

Ÿ         Sri Lankan Secretary to Asian Development Bank (3 degrees: Mother -> Sister -> Husband).


Fun times! Reason for this phenomenon? How could this be, given back home I don't know anyone of importance, well other than that reporter I once sold a tie too, now what was his name.....? ;) Anyways, I think in this part of the world, especially when my parents were growing up, because of social class, education and access to the best schools, the pool to fill those top positions is much smaller then the general population. That and of course my family here is so large, so someone is bound to know someone!


Interesting stuff eh!

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photo by: wanderingluster