The desert, East Bank, Ferry Rides, nearby Luxor Temple, and bloody sheets

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"Get up! We're in Luxor, the train is leaving in 2 minutes!" Ann yelled.

Our tickets stated *Giza to Aswan* which we were assured was not a problem, as Luxor was the stop before Aswan. EXCEPT that the steward did not know that we were getting off in Luxor, haha, so of course how could he make sure we were to get off in Luxor?

Luckily, Ann was awake early that morning, and noticed the train had stopped for a good 15 minutes, so she went to go ask where we were. I on the other hand was sleeping soundly, completely knocked out actually.

I was scrambling to change my pants while yelling for Ann to close the door as the steward was gaping, asking "This is your stop?? but your tickets say Giza to Aswan"  Ann was explaining the mistake while stuffing things in her bags, as she fell asleep the night before with her bag unpacked! Meanwhile she didn't hear me yelling out "Close the door, close the door!" I just got on my pants, then we jumped off the train, it departing right after we got off.

Exiting the train station at 8AM, it was already hot in Luxor as several men surrounded us asking"Taxi? Taxi? Taxi?" I wasn't awake at all, just moving around muttering "No, no, NO, no" reverting to toddler stage, a cranky, sleep deprived-creature. One of the drivers was actually our driver from the hotel, part of our Luxor tour package. He drove us and our tour arranger to the hotel bout 10 minutes away, explaining our tour, and flirting with Ann.

In the hotel, we did the check in, Ann again asked the tour arranger to explain everything we were doing, to write it down with times, locations, and every detail, as she didn't trust any one's word after the train tickets mix up. The tour arranger laughed and called her a "dangerous woman" and was clearly piqued by her forceful, assertive personality.

We were shown our rooms, which the toilet smelt, my mattress sunken at the end but hey I thought it's just for the night. Turned out later after site-seeing, I found there was also blood on the sheets. Lovely. Someone menstruated on the sheets and the hotel staff had not changed them.

After a shower, and nap, we set out to search for a shop Ann read about in her guide book, that was fair-trade and authentic Egyptian goods on the other side of the river.  Some major haggling and headaches under the Egyptian sun got us a ferry and taxi over to the East Bank searching for the store....turns out wrong side of the Bank, her book was wrong! errrr...The shop was actually on our side of the river!

Taking the ferry back, the guy steering our boat asked if I wanted to steer. I sat next to him, and he guided my hand, then gradually started leaning on me, pressing against my chest, and tickling my hand.
What a naive child I am! I quickly got up and sat besides Ann, while he was asking where I was going and telling me to come sit besides him...oyy...

We did get to the store later run by an English woman and a newly engaged young Egyptian girl..lovely goods and handicrafts, about 4 blocks from our hotel :D

A lunch nearby at the Lotus restaurant with molokheya, a spinach soup, light fare, perfect for the heat. Then to finish off, a sorbet with banana slices.
Transitory says:
haha, Egypt is fine, the only prob was an icky hotel that didn't bother to change the sheets! Journal entry to follow...
Posted on: May 12, 2009
kokfoo83 says: egypt is nt a good place to go....
Posted on: May 12, 2009
festerwretch says:
Exactly :D
Posted on: Apr 26, 2009
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smelly toilet, sewage problem
smelly toilet, sewage problem
looks nice right? dusty!
looks nice right? dusty!
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