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Oh, man, we both had food poisoning from fresh mango juice we had previous day.
The fresh mango juice was soooo good. I wish I could have one, but....
We were pretty sure it was from mango juice because we didn't have anything uncooked before.
But we trusted this restaurant because other Egyptians recommended, plus there were a lot of old Japanese people.
Who can suspect this place?

It was funny that we both said "my stomach is strange." at the same time....
We could laugh and make fun of food poisoning at that time.... Oh, it wasn't a joke....

Few hours later, it got worse and worse...It was the worst stomachache I've ever had and lasted for over 2 weeks :(
But we went to a pharmacy to get a medicine. After we took it, we felt better.
We were gonna go to Luxor by overnight train, but we even had to change the plan.

So, we booked another night at the hotel unfortunately....
This day, we stayed in the room all day, and later evening, we had to go to the train station to buy a ticket to Luxor.

Oh, my god! There were sooo many people. We had no idea where to get in line....
Thankfully, a police man helped us what to do, so we got in a long line.  It was so noisy with so many people.
I felt I was in a market or something.
It took more than 30 min to get it.

I was interested in how they issue a ticket and such. Wow! They were stamping and handwriting something in a small cardboard in Arabic...
I think I still have that ticket, so I can scan and post it here. I can't read of course!

Anyway, it's safe and maybe best not to have any uncooked food even from decent restaurants : )
I wonder if the Japanese old people were ok.......

jhwelsch says:
I can appreciate what you went through. My wife and I had food poisoning in Cairo from eggs Benedict at the Marriott. We also were sick within minutes of each other and we had to delay our trip home. I thought I was going to die and hoped I would!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
apap says:
I know! That was really really aweful!!! We really have to watch it!
Posted on: May 06, 2009
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