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After finishing my finals I really needed a break so I bought a ticket to Copenhagen to get away for a couple of days. After getting through all the checks at Schiphol and the disgusting food on board of the KLM flight I arrived at Copenhagen Airport, bought a ticket for the train to Copenhagen and the friendly lady at the ticket counter explained me exactly how I had to get to the hotel and gave me a map so I wouldn't get lost. I usually hate trains because I'm used to the trains we have here in Holland where everything is dirty, broken and you can listen to the latest 50 cent and Snoop Dog songs because of people who act like they are the only one on the train.
But the train in Denmark was like it just left the factory, completely the opposite of what I'm used, nothing broken, no graffiti, no dirt, no loud music, it was the first time I didn't mind traveling by train. After a short ride we arrived at the trainstation in Copenhagen and I had to get off the train, I remembered the directions the lady at the ticket counter told me so I kept my map in my bag and found my way to the hotel. I walked into the hotel and saw the sign on the door that mentioned that the hotel had 4*, I checked in and got the key to a room. The lady gave me a room on the 7th floor so I took the elevator, she mentioned that I had to activate it with my key so after a little struggle the elevator started moving and I was glad that a clean bathroom was waiting for me to take a shower.
I got into the room, dropped my bags, got everything that I needed to take a shower and walked into the bathroom, that was the only disappointment I had that weekend, the shower wasn't very clean and I'm definitely not going to shower in a bath that isn't clean so back downstairs and ask for another room. Luckily the new room I got was clean.

After a relaxing shower I decided to get outside to see some of the things Copenhagen has to offer, I had no idea where I was going but I just followed the crowd and that brought me to Strøget which is probably heaven to some girls (and maybe some guys) with all the stores. After a while I decided to walk back and I went to Tivoli which is like an amusement park in the middle of the city. Everything was extremely clean and all the people where very friendly and it seemed like everyone followed the rules.
I'm used to the Dutch mentality where you have to act extremely rude to get around in town but in Copenhagen people didn't behave weird in their cars, nor on their bikes, nor as pedestrians.

The next day I met with Line and she showed me around in Copenhagen, she was on her bike so I had to get the coolest bike I've ever been on ... a blue tourist bike with a map attached to it. I'm still amazed about the fact that there were actually bikes left, if you would introduce the same system in Amsterdam (where you can borrow a bike for less then 3 euro, where the bikes are placed along the road throughout the city) all the bikes would be stolen by locals within no time. But about the city, Line showed me all the beautiful old buildings, castles, churches and also the new opera house which was a damn fine piece of architecture.
She also took me to Christiania, interesting concept but it was a big mess there. I can't imagine to live in those circumstances, everything was dirty and it smelled like pee everywhere. We ended our tour at the beach, but before arriving at the beach we had to take a long ride through a street that didn't seem to end at all and the wind turned against our favor ... but it was worth the struggling, Copenhagen has a beautiful beach with a great view on the bridge to Sweden and on Sweden of course. After spending some time on the beach we ended the day with a delicious pizza :)

Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit and I think I'll be going there again sometime soon!
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photo by: the_bill