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This car has the worst suspension of anything - other than my boyfriend's old mini, natch - I have ever been in!
For Fi's hen do, we went Zorbing with Nae Limits in Perthshire.  Zorbing, for those of you who don't know, is when they strap you into a giant hamsterball and roll you down a hill.  There is another kind where they throw you in the bottom with a bucket of water, but not in Perthshire in April!

Having got stuck in a horrible traffic jam, and then ended up in the wrong place, we were slightly late (well, an hour and a bit), but luckily they could still fit us in for our turn anyway.  You have to dive headfirst into the zorb itself -which is the first bit of hilarity, because the zorn worker just dives in incredibly neatly, and then you have to be pulled in wriggling and giggling, because there is a knack to it.  Then they strap you in securely to the walls of the ball, leaving your shoes outside, and velcro your feet together so that you don't kick your friend in the head.
Zorning track
  Then they strap your friend in too.  And dive out. 

Then, because it is a hen night, they get ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO PUSH!  Don't think I don't know about that, guys!

And the ball merrily bumps you down the hill, so that you scream like this:

aaaAAARRRGGGHH [bump] aaarrrGGGHHH [bump]

and sound a bit like a bungee jumping chicken. 

At the bottom, someone comes and unsptraps you and you sit looking dazed on the floor of the ball, until they make you dive out head first again.  It is easier to get out than in, which is good, because by this point you are not entirely sure which ways in and out are.  Or up.  You get your shoes back on, ish, and get driven back up the hill on their landrover so that you can push your other friends down the hill in revenge.  Naturally, this is all good fun.

Unfortunately, the car that Taci had hired had rubbish suspension, so we were all feeling very queezy by the time we found somewhere to have lunch.  Nothing to do with the zorbing - seriously - the car wobbled like a barge everytime we took a corner, no matter how slowly you did it.  We had lunch in a pub called the Maltings, just outside Perth,  and then headed home for the next part of the fun. 
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This car has the worst suspension …
This car has the worst suspension…
Zorning track
Zorning track
Zorb - better photos to follow!
Zorb - better photos to follow!
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