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Admission Building

I woke up that morning at my friend’s apartment feeling groggy about what just happened to me the night before. It consumed all my emotion and energy. I decided to take a morning walk around the campus to get some fresh air and clear up my mind. I said hi to some people I know who were still around the campus and took some pictures. Nothing has changed since the last time I was here was 3 years ago, so it was definitely such a good feeling to be back.


At noon, my friend and I went to the bank in downtown to sort out money issues to pay my ticket. It was settled within a few minutes. Then we walked around the town a little bit to remember the good old days but we didn’t stay for a long time since I need to catch my bus back to Manila. It turned out some friends were waiting for me at the apartment so we had a small talk and reunion before I left. It was a short stay yet wonderful to meet good friends.


Today is way better than yesterday without a doubt.

Bell Tower
My bus trip from Silang to Manila was on time. My ticket was ready to be picked up and no trouble during checking in. Everything went smoothly. I couldn’t believe when I boarded the plane to Guam for real!


It was 11 PM when the plane took off from Manila. I zonked for the next 4 hours of flying. When I woke up the plane was on the top of the Island of Guam and was approaching the airport. I headed to Immigration after getting off the plane. I was still nervous if they will not allow me to enter Guam because of my passport. I kept on praying.


The Immigration officer checked my passport, looked at me and said “SELAMAT DATANG” which means Welcome in my language. I smiled. He then asked me to fill out Visa Waiver form, checked my finger print and stamped my passport. Before he handed my passport back, he said another Indo word “TERIMA KASIH” which means Thank you. I smiled again and said “SAMA-SAMA” that means you’re welcome.   


My friend was already waiting for me at the arrival area. The very first thing that came out from my mouth was “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M IN GUAM.”

We laughed so hard!!


I made it through more of a hardship that I had ever expected.

Lord_Mike says:
So very nice!!!
Posted on: Apr 24, 2009
Lilliana77 says:
Glad you could make it! :)
Posted on: Apr 23, 2009
tj1777 says:
I think Silang is placed on a wrong spot of the map - there sure is a lot more than an hours drive from the airport to that spot on the map.
Posted on: Apr 21, 2009
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Admission Building
Admission Building
Bell Tower
Bell Tower
Church/Gym Building
Church/Gym Building
photo by: rintjez