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So we have finally finished preparing the boat, and we are embarking on our trip today at 4pm. I am anxious and excited to leave Juneau.  I have really enjoyed my time in Sarah Palin's town (which she needs begin making improvements on... shes been running for office and not focusing on her own problems, ex: no recycling systems in the cities, or effective mass transit).  The culture of the town has been interesting to experience.  People are very laid back and seem to focus more on enjoying life than on work.  We have tried to go into several shops and sometimes they open late or arent open simply because it was a beautiful day outside, not a time to be in doors working. A very different mental philosophy then what i am used to back home.  I have loved the people here and their way of life however i am ready to get out of town and on the road again.  I have spent the week practicing on my kayaking,  how to drive the boat and a dingy, and fixing our boat (the SEAQUIL) for the travels.  The mountains have been beautiful however you can see the shadows reflecting from the sun. (meaning the snow is beginning to melt from the heat of the sun, global warming in effect).   Hopefully i still get a chance to see the glaciers that are along the way on our trip.  The weather here is soo unpredictable (even more so then texas) that we are not sure if we have a cold or hot summer ahead of us.  I have run into a little bit of wildlife here.   Lots of eagles, and the ravens are huge.  Caught a glimpse of a sea otter, and lots of little ducks swimming around.  Ive also been working on my weather forecasting, learning how to make predictions off of the type of clouds, color and rings of the sun, how the moons effect the tide, etc.  Been really interesting, however have only skimmed the surface and still have ALOT to learn.  When we leave today and will be anchoring around the doty cove area and then continuing on to the rest of the itinerary.  (http://kayakingbear.com/itenerary.pdf)    We will be traveling along for the next month and a half with out reaching another town so i wont be able to have much internet access until we reach angoon, or possibly sitka.  However i will be keeping in touch as much as I can.  I have learned lots of safety precautions and will make sure that i am as careful as i can be!  Hope that everyone back home is doing well!  miss you guys! be sure and keep in touch and enjoy the sun. 
peace and love
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photo by: amudha_colaco